4 Best Affordable Places To Study Abroad In Europe

Many times, what discourages foreign students from wanting to give studying abroad a try is the high cost of tuition and living expenses.

Tuition fees could be quite on the high side for many foreign students to be able to afford. This means that many foreign students will appreciate a good list of recommendations for best affordable places to study. And that is precisely what we will be looking at in this article. But our main focus in this case, will be on Europe.

Europe generally is very favorable to foreign students in terms of tuition fees and the likes. There are even some European countries where foreign students can study for free! For example, it’s possible to study for free in Germany.

So, instead of going for high priced schools which could be very hard to cope with for many students, why not opt for cheaper and more affordable education.

If that sounds like a plan for you, we’ve got just the right information for you.

This list we are giving is not only based on tuition but also on living costs and expenses. It is one thing to find cheap places to study and it is another thing to know how to manage your budget. You will need to learn how to be financially smart in order to cope with studying abroad.

Having said that, below is a compilation of best affordable places to study in Europe. Check them out!

1. Poland

This country might not be a popular place among aspiring foreign students but it is a very affordable place to study abroad and it is in the continent of Europe. The cost of living in Poland is actually also very low ranging from 400EUR to 700EUR in a month.

The only set back might be that you need to pay more for tuition if you can not speak Polish. But you should not be paying more than 2,000EUR in a year as you will be needing your degree to be taught in English language.

Did you know that Poland is home to up to 17 Nobel laureates? Well, It is! You can discover more about this very affordable country if you choose to study there.

Many times, students opt for Bachelors in Engineering, Bachelors in Computer Science, and Bachelors in Management too. These three Bachelors degree choices are very popular options that students choose to study in Poland.

The living costs are very low and the tuition is very affordable compared to other European countries. Did you know that if you were from Poland or the European Union, and you studied at a public university, then your tuition fee would be so incredibly low that it’s downright unbelievable?

2. Germany

Germany is a very popular option for many international students and yes, it is very cheap to study in this European country. If you will be studying at a public university in Germany, then you might even be able to study for free.

Private universities in Germany might be very costly though. Usually, public universities just charge a small semester fee to students (whether foreign or local), but generally it is very affordable to study in Germany. No wonder Germany is a popular choice among many foreign students.

On average, the living expenses in Germany is about 800EUR in a month. Popular choices for Bachelors in Germany include Bachelors in Business and Bachelors in Engineering.

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3. Austria

Austria is another surprisingly highly affordable country to study abroad in Europe. The average living expenses for you when you study in Austria should be between 800EUR to 1,200 EUR in a month. Also, there is no tuition for students that come from an EU country, that is, it is free to study in Austria public universities provided you are from EU.

If you are not from EU, then you will be paying a tuition of about 750 to 1,450 EUR in an academic year. Did you know that Beethoven and Amadeus Mozart both were from Austria? Or that the car maker, Ferdinand Porsche also belongs to this country? Well, now you know.

4. France

Apart from Paris, the living costs in France is between 700 to 950 EUR in a month. This, to be fair, is very affordable. France is the birthplace of many inventors in history and it is one of the most visited countries in the world.

Studying in a public university in France is free both for locals and foreigners. Even if you are required to pay a fee, it is usually between 300-400 EUR in a year.

Great universities like INSA Lyon are located in France. Also, there are many options to study from but the most popular choices amongst students are Bachelors in Arts and Design, BSc in Economics, etc. If you wish to study abroad in an European country, France definitely is a great choice as well.

Studying in any of the above European countries that we recommended is indeed very affordable for foreign students and promises to be a memorable experience for the foreign students that get admitted. We hope you learnt the needful from this piece.