5 Places To Enjoy Shopping In New York

5 Places To Enjoy Shopping In New York

Shopping in New York, in the United States is certainly one of the best options, as the city is one of the best places in the world to shop.

With the number of stores that have established themselves in the city and their gigantic sizes, they are hardly found elsewhere on the planet. At least not with the same charm as New York.

In addition to a wide variety of stores , the prices of goods in New York are also very attractive, especially when compared to the price of the same goods sold in Brazil. So, we prepared a list of 5 amazing places to shop in New York .

Come on?

The first shopping spot in New York: 5th Avenue

Right off the bat, 5th Avenue is the main shopping center in New York and the heart of the entire city. Located between 50th and 59th streets, 5th Avenue is famous for having a huge number of stores that have become popular with tourists from all over the world.


The big star of 5th Avenue in terms of shopping is the Rockefeller Center, where you can find stores of reputable brands, such as Michael Kors and Anthropologie. Other stores that also attract a lot of attention are the Nintendo and Lego stores, which are quite large and offer the consumer the latest in their releases. For anyone who is a fan of Apple technologies , an unmissable stop for shopping in New York is the Apple store, also located on 5th Avenue.

In addition to cell phones, notebooks, tablets, watches and all the brand’s already famous technology, the store also offers visitors several workshops, such as application development, for example. For those who can plan, this is a good choice for both shopping in New York and tourist attractions.

On the corner of 5th Avenue and 57th Street, there are high-end stores. It’s no wonder that this place is known as the most expensive corner in the world with stores like Tiffany & Co., Bulgari, Louis Vuitton and Bergdorf Goodman.

Next stop: SoHo

The SoHo neighborhood (short for South of Houston), located in Manhattan, although formed by small streets and alleys, has a special reputation in New York: it brings together in its region a true cluster of stores of the main fashion brands in the world.

The structure of the neighborhood is old and well preserved by the Historical Monuments Commission, which further enriches the visit from the historical point of view of the city.

Some stores in SoHo are especially sought after by Brazilians who go shopping in New York. Among them are Nike, Adidas, Forever 21, Ray-Ban, Victoria’s Secret stores, among others.

In SoHo you will also find luxury brand stores that take advantage of the inviting atmosphere of the neighborhood to structure their stores in a fashion boutique style and present different pieces and collections of exclusive releases.

Third: Times Square

Just stepping into Times Square is an incredible experience. So whoever goes shopping in New York and passes through Times Square keeps fantastic memories of the trip. This is another very famous tourist spot in the city, where you can find gigantic stores of brands that are very popular among Brazilians.

One of the references in Times Square is the incredible MAC Cosméticos store , which in addition to being very large, also has a very bright exterior.

Inside the store, there are makeup stations for visitors, who can take advantage of the brand’s quality, trying out different combinations of products before purchasing them.

Another store much loved by Brazilians who go shopping in New York is Forever 21 , because its prices are affordable and its products are, in general, quality clothes that follow some of the main fashion trends.

The store has more than 150 fitting rooms and 30 cashiers to manage the flow of people who visit the place every day. Its structure has 4 floors crammed with products such as clothes, makeup and accessories, serving the female and male audience.

Interestingly, the store is open every day until 2 am, which cancels out any excuse of lack of time to visit the place.

Another Times Square giant is H&H, which has about 20 fitting rooms and 24 cashiers ready to end any waiting in lines. The store has state-of-the-art technology to make the shopping experience even more pleasant. An example of this are the interactive mannequins, the virtual catwalk and the media room, where consumers can relax with access to free Wi-Fi and iPads.

This one can’t be left out: Atlantic Center

In recent years, Brooklyn has become a must-visit region for anyone visiting New York, because the neighborhood has been completely revitalized, not to mention the many cultural and gastronomic attractions. As if that wasn’t enough, the region also has the Atlantic Center, an incredible shopping center with 5 floors of stores.

The Atlantic Center has several shops and restaurants inside. Among them, the Target market and the big brand stores, such as Marshall’s, Bath and Body Works, Old Navy and Best Buy, stand out.

The Atlantic Center’s location is quite inviting: it is located less than 20 minutes from Manhattan and right next to the Atlantic Avenue subway station.

Another essential place for shopping in NYC: Macy’s

Macy’s Herald Square is a must-see for anyone shopping in New York. There are seven floors full of the most varied stores of various products, such as clothes, shoes, cosmetics, among others.

The prices practiced in the stores are not the most affordable, but the stores have an 11% discount policy on any product for tourists.

New York is one of those places where you want to buy everything you can. There are so many options for stores and products, it’s good to be prepared ($$). So, if you’re looking to do some good shopping in New York, these are the must-stops! And to enjoy shopping without worry, remember to take out travel insurance!


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