9 Tips On How To Plan An Unforgettable Trip

9 Tips On How To Plan An Unforgettable Trip

The main question of how to plan a trip arises long before we travel. Issues such as flights, accommodation, tours, food, weather, safety are some of the points that everyone thinks about before packing their bags. But tourists don’t always know what they can’t help but do so that they have a smooth trip with as little unforeseen as possible.

Yes, we know that there are travelers who do not have difficulties in planning a trip, but even these, they can forget one or another essential point.

That’s why we prepared this article so that you can have an unforgettable trip without setbacks. Keep reading!

Planning before setting the destination

The first thing you need to know about planning a trip is that it starts even before you buy tickets . That’s because the script can come up after reading about possible destinations, attractions you would like to visit or experiences you don’t give up having. So, before anything else, do your research. You can travel the world virtually, read about amazing places or cultures that enchant you, and then get organized.

Often, the simple search for specific subjects (a water park, a band or artist you like, a flavor you want to try, for example) can be the starting point for choosing a destination.


Below, check out the 9 things that need to be on your travel checklist.

1 – How to plan a trip by choosing dates

The first tip we give is always to decide when you will travel and for how long. Although it seems simple, this decision will guide all the rest of the planning. This is because a forecast of when you will travel helps you choose the itineraries within the tour . If you want, for example, to enjoy the beach, there is no point in traveling during the winter. If you want to ski or see snow, summer is not the best time of year. In addition, there are cities and countries that have specific events or festivities at certain times of the year. So, if your intention is to enjoy it in a unique way, knowing about the changes according to seasons is essential. Finally, there are destinations that become dangerous at times, such as the Caribbean during hurricanes or even Tokyo, in earthquake situations. And you don’t want to ruin your trip for lack of planning, do you?

2 – Assessment of travel costs

Even if you have high financial resources to travel, there is nothing better than having an idea of ​​how much you will spend. And this can only be done if you make a prior budget, from the chosen destination and date.

The ideal is to consult the values ​​in advance, and do not forget to include expenses with tours, food and accommodation. Regarding airline tickets, the earlier they are purchased, the greater the chance of a lower price.

In addition, it is also recommended that you search the Internet for the possibility of tour packages and book everything possible in advance. In Germany, for example, there are combos for those who want to visit several of its museums. On the northeastern coast, it is possible to purchase travel packages that include Porto de Galinhas, Olinda and Recife in a single tour.

That way, you can save money on transfers between tourist attractions. But don’t forget: check the real chances of you being able to enjoy everything that was acquired. Sometimes, a shorter itinerary and more time to get to know a place better is worth much more than small stops at various points.

3 – Documentation up to date, trip without mishaps

Both your passport and visa can limit your options when choosing your destination. For this reason, it is not possible to talk about how to plan a trip without having them validated. The biggest advantage of doing them, even without a defined destination, is that you can take advantage of a promotion, for example, without worrying about the requirements of that country.

In fact, without a passport, any tourist is restricted to Latin American countries, since the Brazilian photo document is valid in some of them. 

And never forget to check the validity of the passport, as countries in Europe, for example, require at least 6 months in the document.

4 – Have you thought about how to plan a trip? Get vaccinated!

Vaccination is a requirement in almost every country in the world. However, there are cases of local endemics or more serious diseases, which require punctual vaccination, carried out some time before boarding.

The yellow fever vaccine, for example, is standardized for all Brazilians, due to the high incidence rate here. In other words, don’t forget to check your vaccination card.

With the advent of Vaccine Tourism in recent weeks, this has become a very important item. To learn more about required vaccines and how to obtain them, see the World Health Organization website.

5 – How to plan a trip after buying the tickets

With the country or city chosen, this is the time to get as much information as you can. By understanding everything that can be done and where to visit, it will be easier to create an itinerary. For that, you can access Air Travel tickets websites and find out about all the most amazing itineraries in the world.

There you will find tips on tours, tourist attractions, ideal places for shopping and which attractions you can’t miss.

6 – Use online and offline maps to save attractions and places to eat

There is nothing worse than being on a trip and not knowing where to find a good restaurant or a bar for that moment of rest. Information from local residents may be mismatched or may not be the indication you expect. 

So be sure to decide on this during your trip. 

simple Google map will help you to mark the places close to the tourist attractions you will be visiting. Take advantage and make notes such as opening hours, prices and addresses. And finally, don’t forget to make it available offline, in case you don’t have access to the Internet all the time.

7 – How to plan a trip when you have dietary restrictions

This tip is exclusive for those who have allergies or intolerance to some type of food. While for some, food tourism can be the best part of a trip, for others it can be the reason it ends. So don’t take any chances. If you have chosen a destination with exotic dishes or with very different cuisine, consider the options if you want to eat something more traditional.

For the more adventurous, take a chance on new flavors and unmissable delicacies, but be careful with the possible consequences. The ideal is to inform yourself with other Brazilians who have already had the experience, in order to avoid any food problems.

8 – Buy travel insurance

There is no other way to travel safely without taking out travel insurance. In fact, it is a mandatory item in countries such as the United States and Europe, which even have the Schengen Treaty. But it is not just its obligation that makes it necessary. With travel insurance you won’t have to worry about health-related unforeseen events, for example . In addition, there are types of insurance that cover lost luggage, dental care and even flight cancellations due to bad weather.

9 – Learn a little about the language and find out how to access the Internet

For those traveling abroad, not knowing anything about the language of the country of origin can be a problem. This is because some contacts with guides, receptionists or attendants may not be carried out satisfactorily. Therefore, the ideal is to assemble a small list of key phrases that can be used in times of emergency. For example, where is the bathroom, how to order a meal, how to get a transport. Therefore, it is not possible to think about how to plan a trip without including these expressions in your daily life. Another alternative is to use translation apps. However, also make sure how to get internet on the main destination routes and about the use of international roaming. In addition to helping the use of translators, they will be viable in situations where there is no one to ask for information.


With these 9 tips, you will have more knowledge on how to plan a trip with the lowest possible cost and unforeseen circumstances. 

Want to know more travel tips? Visit our website and stay on top of everything you need to know for your next visit.



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