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Home » Are You Going To Travel? See The Best Exercises To Do In Your Hotel Room

Are You Going To Travel? See The Best Exercises To Do In Your Hotel Room

    Are You Going To Travel? See The Best Exercises To Do In Your Hotel Room

    Are you going to travel for a vacation or even for a month because of work? You don’t have to give up your exercises or give up your gym routine because you’re out of town.


    Of course: if the trip is just for a weekend or if you’re only going to spend 4 days away, it’s okay to put your training aside and relax. Your health will not be compromised by this!

    But, if the trip is long and you want to keep your body moving and make sure your physical condition doesn’t suffer, we’ve selected some exercises that you can do in your hotel room and stay active.

    But let’s be clear: this workout will not make you gain muscle or make you big during the trip. In fact, it works as a workout to keep you moving and healthy while on vacation.

    That said, here are the main exercises to stay in shape on vacation:


    One of the most basic, yet extremely effective exercises to move the body and stay healthy. This exercise is used a lot in crossfit training, but if you’ve never practiced it before, it’s best to start with shorter sets.

    The burpee is made up of a squat, a push-up, a hip extension, and a jump. In addition to working out these specific regions, it also helps you maintain cardiovascular conditioning and strength in your upper and lower limbs.


    Remembering: the ideal is to do burpees only if you already attend the gym or follow an exercise routine for a while.

    If this is the case for you, the amount of repetitions will vary according to your physical conditioning and ability.


    If you want, you can do the squat with some weight, like, for example, some books piled up or even an empty or full suitcase. The important thing is to perform the squat to maintain strength and endurance in the quadriceps and hamstrings and glutes muscles.

    Arm flexion

    Of course, the push-up couldn’t be left out. If you already work out – which we expect you to do to follow these recommendations – you should know that if you want a greater load on your chest, the ideal is to spread your hands further or elevate your feet. But if your goal is to activate the triceps more intensely, your hands should be closer together.

    To intensify the training, you can alternate speed and even use isometrics at some points of the movement.

    Don’t know what an isometric exercise is? We explain: they work by causing muscle contractions, generating muscle strength and preventing the appearance of injuries – this happens because the body is “still” in a position for a certain period of time.

    For example, you can lean your back against the wall and simulate sitting in a chair, with your knees bent at 90 degrees. Standing in this position for 10 seconds, for example, is a mega exercise.

    Plantar flexion for the calves

    Just climb a ladder and stand with your toes resting on the edge of a step. You already know the movement: all you have to do is lift and lower your heels.


    This position is great for keeping all your core muscles stabilized and strengthened. As we said above, it is an isometric exercise that helps in activating the muscles of the abdomen and lumbar region.


    Don’t leave your abs aside! Abdominal training is the easiest to perform outside the gym and you don’t even have to spend many hours a day to do your sets!

    Finally, the most important thing is to enjoy it. If you are on vacation, enjoy your rest to the fullest. This is also critical for your health, believe me.