Cheap Airline Tickets: Check Out Our Tips To Travel Saving!

Buying cheap airline tickets is no big deal and may be easier than you think.

Just follow some “hacks” that can help you to know the destination of your dreams without weighing your pocket !

The topic, however, still raises many doubts among travelers from all over Nigeria: how to find cheap tickets? What are the cheapest cities? What to do to save as much as possible when traveling by plane?

To answer these and other questions, we’ve created a guide with everything you need to know to get your tickets at the best possible price!

Cheap airfare: tips to save when buying!
Most travelers dream of finding cheaper airline tickets to see the whole world without compromising finances.


After all, tickets can be the most expensive item on a trip, capable of even making certain itineraries unfeasible.

However, what not everyone knows is that it is possible to save money for the next trip and guarantee a leaner budget for the vacation of your dreams.

Many people end up waiting for miraculous promotions, ignoring that it is enough to follow a few simple steps to not be held hostage to extraordinary actions by airlines.

Before anything else, the traveler must take care of the organization of the trip: you need to put together an itinerary, evaluate how many days you should stay at the destination, when to travel and other crucial information for planning.

Then, this information will form a travel budget that can guide the price search: knowing how much you can spend, it will be easier to filter the tourist options that fit your pocket.

For these and others, the first step in your planning is to prepare the paper and pen to organize an unforgettable trip with our tips. Come on!

How To Get Cheaper Airline Tickets?

Taking off with cheap airline tickets is not an impossible mission. The traveler just needs to know where and how to look, as the smallest details can make a difference in their search.

Check out our tips to buy your tickets at the lowest price:

Find Cheap Flights Using A Search Engine

Choosing well where to buy cheap airline tickets is the first step to boost your search for the best deal.

In this sense, it can be a good idea to bet on technology to research prices.

Search engines become powerful tools in the hands of travelers who know how to navigate their resources.

When the user indicates the destination and the date of travel, the search platform makes a search among the main airlines in the market in a few seconds.

In addition, travel search engine system provides other resources for the traveler.

You can, for example, use the next-day savings feature to identify the cheapest time to travel, simulate different destinations and travel routes, or search for multi-country tickets for free and in just a few clicks.

In other words, search engines can be interpreted as a Swiss Army-style airline ticket search engine, with several tools in one place that help you save!

Activate Price Alert

One of the most important tools for the traveler is the price alert, capable of saving you a lot of time and money on airline tickets.

After deciding the destination of your trip and the roundtrip dates, you will be able to register your email for a price alert so you don’t miss any promotions for the route you are looking for.

That way, whenever the price of the segment changes, including flash promotions, you will receive a notification and you can make your purchase economically.

That is, you will only need to wait for the ideal moment to guarantee your cheapest rates!

Clear Cookies From Your Computer

A simple way to find cheap airline tickets is to “confuse” the search features of major airlines.

Most companies use information captured by cookies that monitor the internet user’s browsing, allowing them to increase the prices of tickets for a particular flight as soon as they know that that visitor is interested.

That’s why you can find completely different prices if you go to an airline website looking for a flight and come back to the same page a few minutes later.

Prices can also vary greatly depending on which country the traveler is accessing the internet from.

But don’t worry, it’s possible to “dribble” these airline tricks without great difficulties and, thus, guarantee the best deals.

The first step is to delete your browser’s cookies before completing the payment of the ticket or, better yet, using at least two different browsers to carry out the same search.

In addition, it is worth changing the location on the airline’s shopping site and, preferably, the language of the page.

That is, if you are in Nigeria, select a different country and change the language to Spanish or German, for example.

These measures may seem simple, but they are enough to confuse airline search systems and can yield good savings!

Be Flexible With The Destination

Those who are flexible in relation to the destination of the trip have a great advantage in hand, as they will be able to choose more economical destinations according to the date of the trip .

In addition, you will have the opportunity to select a more advantageous route for your trip, that is, if you do not find the promotion you are looking for, you can search for flights to nearby destinations.

And Also With The Times And Dates

If you are flexible with dates, you are more likely to find good deals for the destination you are looking for.

Flights on Monday and Friday, for example, have completely different prices depending on the destination, which can mean good savings for the traveler.

Give preference to flights in the middle of the week, such as from Tuesday to Thursday, when the flow of passengers at airports is usually lower. After all, these days most people travel for work or vacation.

If you can only fly on weekends, prefer flights on Saturday over Fridays: the movement is more discreet at airports on Saturdays and, with that, the offers can be more inviting.

Also, carefully choose the time of your trip: choosing a late-night flight over an early morning flight can yield good savings for the traveler!

Is It Possible To Find Cheap Airfare At Dawn?

Among people who travel by plane, the rumor that it is easier to find promotional air tickets at dawn has already become a kind of “rule” , but is this true?

The answer is that it is nothing but a myth !

While some airlines choose to launch their flash deals at dawn, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get big savings if you lose sleep.

The only difference is that airline websites are usually less “congested” during the night and, thus, you will be able to close your purchase faster and without bugs.

Airline ticket prices can be influenced by numerous factors, such as low or high season, advance purchase, travel route and even flight time, but the time you buy the tickets will hardly influence the total cost.

Travel In Low Season

The main secret of how to get cheaper air tickets is to choose a strategic date for your trip, that is, the low season.

During this period, you will be much more likely to find tickets at discounted prices compared to school holidays (from the second half of December to February or in July) and long holidays.

So don’t even think about booking your trip without checking the calendar first to make sure you choose the best date to board!

Make Your Purchase In Advance

Those who want to buy cheap airline tickets should not procrastinate: the right time to buy can save up to hundreds of reais for your pocket!

For domestic trips in low season, 25 to 40 days prior to departure is recommended. If you are going to travel in high season, increase your advance notice between 60 and 90 days.

In the case of international travel, the recommended interval is 30 to 60 days for boarding in low season and 60 to 120 days for travel during high season.

Look For Alternative Routes

Still haven’t found the cheap airline tickets you wanted to the destination you’re going to visit? It might be a good idea to look for alternative travel routes!

It is worth exercising your creativity and researching other destination airports : if you are going to visit Abuja, for example, you can compare prices for landing in Kaduna, Niger or Plateau, in Jos.

Are you going to explore Europe? It may be cheaper to disembark in Spain than in France, and you can complete your journey to French territory by alternative means, such as train or car.

Don’t Leave It To The Last Minute To Buy

Those who leave to buy their tickets at the last minute practically throw the chances of finding cheap airline tickets down the drain.

Last-minute flash promotions are not common in Nigeria: on the contrary, you run serious risks of paying much more if you need to buy a ticket urgently!

The ideal is to guarantee your tickets at least five to three weeks before the trip to avoid higher prices!


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