Cheap Flights To The United States: Check Out Our Tips!

Looking for United States airline tickets? This article is tailored for you!

We’ve put together a practical, step-by-step guide to secure your plane tickets to North American destinations with maximum savings.

This way it will be easy to plan an itinerary to visit some of the most famous places in the world, such as New York, Las Vegas and Orlando. Come on!

United States Airline Tickets: Tips to Save on the Trip!

Many travelers dream of visiting world-renowned scenes such as the Empire State Building, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Hollywood Walk of Fame or the iconic Vegas casinos.

The problem is that the price of air tickets to the US can end up discouraging tourists from setting up an itinerary around the country.


What not everyone knows is that it is not just the dollar that impacts airfare costs: several factors, such as travel date and destination, can influence the final price of the trip.

This means that, if you can plan to buy tickets at the right time, it is possible to circumvent the dollar exchange rate and guarantee your trip at a price that fits in your pocket.

For this, it is worth organizing to purchase tickets in advance, schedule the trip for the low season and not leave hotel reservations at the last minute. Check out!

What is the Cheapest and Simplest way to go to the United States?

Finding deals on flights to the United States is not an impossible task, although it is more complicated if you don’t know how to look for it.

Just follow a few simple step by step procedure to ensure you get your airline tickets at the best possible price. Check it out!

Plan Ahead

Your planning should start even before purchasing the US airline tickets.

The first step is to make sure that all your documentation, including your passport and visa, is up to date.

The process of issuing a visa to the US can be long and bureaucratic.

If you purchase your tickets before bringing the document, you run the risk of not being eligible to travel on the set date.

Therefore, only buy your tickets after securing your visa!

Also, make sure your passport is within the recommended minimum validity period of six months before your departure date, or you could end up unable to fly.

Do your research or homework to find out the cheapest time to visit the places you are going to visit.

In addition, it is worth putting together a detailed budget providing for expenses with accommodation, food, transport, travel insurance and tours, as well as an emergency reserve: this way, you will know how much you need to save to travel.

The more perfect your planning, the smoother your trip or journey should be.

Take Out Travel Insurance

Just as important as doing a lot of research before buying your US airline tickets is taking out travel insurance to protect you during your US stay.

The US is known worldwide for the very high costs of its healthcare network and does not offer free care in clinics and hospitals.

That means a broken leg can turn into tens of thousands of dollars in checkups, appointments and treatments.

In this sense, travel insurance is considered essential for travel to the United States, as it can protect the traveler’s pocket in case of need, offering free assistance or reimbursement for medical care, for example.

So you can travel through Uncle Sam’s country without worrying about returning home with a dollar debt in your pocket.

In addition to guaranteeing care at partner hospitals or reimbursement for expenses with medical and hospital assistance, travel insurance guarantees other valuable services for tourists, such as death or disability insurance and luggage insurance.

The service also offers medical or funeral repatriation coverage, pharmaceutical and legal assistance, assistance in the event of flight cancellation, 100% service and much more.

You can purchase your travel insurance cheaper on the most reliable search engine in your country, for example: AIICO Travel Insurance, which provides a free detailed comparison tool.

In this way, just enter the city or destination, choose the dates of your trip and compare prices, coverage and differentials of the favorable plans on the market!

Avoid Going In High Season

When buying your airline tickets to the United States, it is essential to choose the date of travel carefully.

After all, during high season prices skyrocket and the total cost of your trip can even double!

For instance: the North American high season takes place during the Northern Hemisphere summer, that is, from June to August, a period that coincides with the school holidays in the US.

It is also worth avoiding traveling on long holidays, such as the 4th of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas, when airports across the country have a large number of passengers and tickets become more expensive.

In other to ensure milder temperatures and less crowded cities, plan your trip in the fall, from September to the beginning of November, or in the spring, between mid-March and the end of May.

Also, if you want to travel in the flower season on a budget, avoid flying during the so-called Spring Break, which starts in late February and can extend until mid-April.

Don’t Delay To Book Your Accommodation

You won’t wait to purchase your United States airline tickets at the last minute, right?

So why would it take you long to book your accommodation?

In other words, book your accommodations as soon as you purchase your plane tickets.

Those who guarantee their hotel 12 to 5 weeks in advance of the travel date are more likely to find promotional rates, while those who leave for the last minute pay higher rates.

You can find accommodation at exclusive prices and options with free cancellation on any travel insurance modern search engine.

The traveler can even pay their daily rates online and in reais, without IOF, ensuring total convenience and savings for the trip!

Buy Your United States Airline Tickets As Soon As Possible!

You can get your United States airline ticket quote with economy, security and practicality on the any travel search engine in your country.

The process is simple and intuitive: you only need to enter the state of origin and city, select your travel dates and our platform does the research work to present you with the best options for your pocket.

We also provide the next-day savings feature for free, which helps you identify the cheapest time to travel.

To ensure that you don’t miss out on any promotions for your dream destination, don’t forget to register your email address for the price alert.

Some American Cities To Visit

After buying your United States airline tickets with the savings you deserve, there is nothing better than putting together an itinerary through the country that brings together some of the most famous cities in the world!

Whether it’s East Coast beauties like New York and Boston, desert giant Las Vegas, sunny San Francisco or Orlando’s famous parks, you’ll find unforgettable attractions.

American cities still allow the traveler to “immerse” in the local culture. Check out the hottest cities or places in the United States!


Most international flights to the United States departing from any country are destined for Miami, Florida, one of the most famous resorts in the country and one of the gateways for those visiting Orlando.

The year-round city is home to some of the biggest outlets in the country, such as Sawgrass Mills and Aventura Mall, as well as lively clubs and huge shopping malls.

If you like to work on your tan, be sure to visit the beautiful white sand beaches in the Miami Beach area!


Orlando, 380 km from Miami, entered the international tourism map in 1965, when cartoonist and entertainment mogul Walt Disney decided to build his most daring project, the Disney parks complex there.

City of many people’s dreams, the city is home to more than 30 parks that delight adults and children of all ages, such as Walt Disney World itself and Universal Studios .

You can still take advantage of your trip to go shopping in the good outlets in Orlando and surroundings, visit the nearby Celebration or visit one of the best wax museums in the world, Madame Tussauds.

New York

The largest metropolis in the United States is also one of the most popular cities on the planet, where more than 66 million tourists pass through every year.

New York’s list of attractions is as extensive as it is iconic, including world-famous sights such as the Empire State, the National 9/11 Memorial & Museum, and the Statue of Liberty.

Those who love art and history can’t miss the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Guggenheim Museum and the Natural History Museum.

Prefer outdoor walks? You will be enchanted by the landscapes of Central Park.

The traveler also has the opportunity to go shopping on trendy Fifth Avenue or to see Broadway shows.

If you’re traveling in winter, be sure to skate on the ice rink at the Rockefeller Plaza building!

Los Angeles

World capital of cinema and glamor, Los Angeles, California, is the perfect destination for those who have always dreamed of bumping into celebrities or visiting mansions worthy of stars.

The Walk of Fame is one of the most popular tourist attractions, as well as the Hollywood studios, where up to 30 million people circulate every year.

It is also in Los Angeles that the famous Santa Monica Pier is located, one of the most photographed scenarios in the United States, which houses a famous amusement park and offers a panoramic view of the sunset over the Pacific.

If you like beaches, don’t miss the famous Venice Beach and its boardwalk full of good restaurants!


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