Cheap International Travel: How to Save Abroad!

Cheap International Travel: How to Save Abroad!

Discover the whole world without having to spend millions: this is the dream of many people. Well, we are here to tell you that, yes, it is possible to travel cheaply internationally. The secret is to research and plan everything thoroughly. 

The other good news is that we’ve already made this whole process easier for you! 

Look how cool… In this guide, we’ll show you all the tips for traveling on a budget. 

You will discover from cheaper destinations to affordable travel insurance options. 

Can’t miss it, huh?! 


Keep reading and enjoy! 

Cheap International Travel: 7 Tips to Save Money


Look For A Cheaper Ticket

Well, bearing in mind that your passport and visa — if necessary for the country you are going to — are already provided, let’s get to the travel tips in mind, ok? 

It is always very important to buy your tickets as far in advance as possible , this, in itself, can guarantee excellent discounts. 

Another tip is to use the best websites to buy airline tickets. Some examples are SkyscannerGoogle Flights and Submarino Viagens.   

By the way, it is worth signing up for all of them to receive notifications about offers and discounts. 

Travel Outside the Busiest Times of the Year

The second tip for making a cheap international trip is to take advantage of the low season, that is, when there are fewer people in circulation. 

But, after all, what are the best times to enjoy the world? Depends on the region, actually. 

When choosing dates, if possible, avoid holiday seasons and holidays. The season of the year also influences the prices of tickets and accommodation. 

For example, traveling to the United States in the summer will likely make costs more expensive. 

Now, if your intention is to guarantee a cheap trip to Europe, the low season periods are from January to May and from September to November.

Choose Cheaper Hosting

You already know the tips for buying tickets and choosing travel dates, right? So, it’s time to discover the best alternatives for accommodation. 

For a cheap international trip, you can count on the famous hostels, a much cheaper solution than hotels, for example. 

The cool thing is that, in addition to the affordable price, there is still the possibility of meeting a lot of people and having fun with the parties in these places. 

It is worth mentioning that many also offer breakfast at no additional cost. As for the other meals of the day, you can buy food at the market and prepare it in the hostel’s kitchen. 

Another really cool suggestion is to use couchsurfing, a free hosting service

It works like this: you register on the site and then you can search for a house or apartment owned by people who also register to receive visitors. 

The purpose of the service is to promote encounters and experiences with lots of fun. Everything travelers from all over the world like. 

Before choosing a place to stay, just check out the reviews of the house and, of course, the host

Beware of Meal Prices

Regardless of where you go, there will always be super famous and desired restaurants, bars and cafes. 

Of course, you can’t miss the opportunity to get to know these amazing places, but in moderation. Otherwise, your cheap international travel is compromised. 

So, it is worth the tip to choose one or two establishments to enjoy. 

For everyday meals, so to speak, it is important to opt for simpler and more affordable restaurants 

Another tip is to have a hearty breakfast at the hostel, go for a walk, have lunch at a cheap place and, at the end of the day, prepare a dinner or snack at the hostel. 

Research Free Local Attractions Beforehand

For any destination, it is always worth making a travel itinerary. This helps with everything: schedule, locomotion, logistics, economy, etc. 

Within the planning, put the largest number of free attractions in the countries . So, research which are the free programs of each place and, of course, the opening hours. 

Some examples of amazing and free tours are: the Coliseum ( Rome ), Holocaust Memorial (Berlin), Museum of Modern Art (New York), among many others. 

Plan All Expenses

Taking a cheap international trip also depends on putting the costs at the tip of the pencil. 

That is, even during research and planning, write down the investments and see if there is any way to save even more 

You can also use spreadsheets and even your own apps to control your finances. 

Buy International Travel Insurance

All the planning in the universe is useless if you don’t take out travel insurance . 

After all, no one is ever free of unforeseen events, right? But there is a way to go through eventualities calmly and safely. 

For this, there are insurances that offer coverage, assistance and even indemnities. 

Among the best and cheapest insurance are Globo Traval Assistance (GTA)Affinity Seguro Viagem and Travel Ace Assistance

4 International Destinations for Cheap International Travel

It’s time to discover the best destinations for your cheap international trip. 

Check out what they are: 

1. Croatia

Croatia ‘s main attractions are its paradisiacal beaches 

During the day, have fun on trails and cool off in seas and waterfalls. At night, you can enjoy the ballads in the midst of the beaches. 

Oh, and be sure to visit the world-renowned island of Hvar. 

2. Bolivia

Our neighboring countries are always great choices, after all, the route is shorter and, consequently, more affordable. 

In Bolivia, enjoy the hot springs amidst the volcanoes of Sajama National Park , the breathtaking view of the Andes Mountains and the museums of La Paz. 

3. Portugal

How about spending the late afternoon on the Tagus River and enjoying the famous pastries of Belém ? These are just some of Portugal’s must-see attractions

Another advantage is that the country is small, that is, you can get to know a lot of points without having to spend too much. 

4. Thailand

Yes, despite being highly rated, Thailand allows for cheap international travel. 

Discover the amazing temples of the capital Bangkok and, of course, the paradisiacal beaches , among them: Chaweng Beach – Koh Samui, Klong Dao – Koh Lanta and Phra Nang – Phuket.


The story that you need to be a millionaire to see the world is a myth. 

With a lot of planning it is possible, yes, to make an unforgettable cheap international trip. 

To do this, just follow the steps listed here in this content. 

And since doing everything in advance helps to guarantee the best prices, start thinking about your tours right now! 

Note: Before buying your tickets, check if your chosen country requires the yellow fever vaccine.



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