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Flight Tinder: An App That Connects Passengers And Airlines

    Finding the cheapest, fastest and most convenient return is one of the most stressful parts when we decide to travel.


    We all know that when we start doing our searches, prices start to fluctuate and we lose focus on which is the best option.

    Also, we track rates on web pages, create alerts, download discount apps and still, buying the best ticket can be a difficult task.

    The Walltrip: The Solution For Your Searches

    To avoid that cumbersome process when buying a plane ticket, The Walltrip appeared.

    It is an automated flight search app that connects the offers made by travelers for an air ticket with the airlines.

    Using the match concept as in Tinder, when there is a match between the offer made by the traveler and the airline’s fare, the application detects it and saves it for 24 hours.

    The user is notified to make the purchase or directly make the purchase (if the passenger chose this option at the time of bidding).


    It is essentially a flight search service that helps travelers in the pre-purchase step by analyzing and tracking opportunities and avoiding spending time searching through different ticket sales platforms.

    The differential that the app has is the reservation of the ticket when finding a rate for which the traveler is willing to pay.

    It is not a common offer alert like the ones we receive daily by mail, but rather the app makes the reservation.

    It may happen that no rate is found for the offer made, as well as that even having found a convenient flight, the traveler does not buy it.

    In turn, it is important to know that the traveler can withdraw the offer at any time.

    The launch of the platform was in the United States and had notable acceptance.

    The app combines investment, travel and the concept of match in the Tinder style. In the first month they reached 100 offers and their creators already have expansion plans in Europe and Latin America.

    Recipients: Who They Are

    The platform is mainly intended for the opportunity traveler who values ​​the price over other services , that is, those who are ready to travel, find a rate that suits them and travel without too many requirements.

    This model is useful for both passengers and airlines, since on the one hand the traveler can buy a ticket for a desired but reasonable amount and, on the other hand, the airlines can sell their empty seats to people who are willing to travel without much more requirement than the price.

    The Walltrip manages the match with the airlines through a robot that automates the search, analyzes price movements and empty spaces in relation to what the traveler is willing to pay.

    How To Bid And What To Consider When Doing So

    The platform is friendly and intuitive to make the offer. The process is the following:

    • The user must complete a form with their data, flight origin, destination, departure and return date, final price to be paid per passenger and number of passengers.
    • You can indicate if you have any preference for the maximum number of stopovers and the maximum number of waiting hours at stops, as well as whether or not to include luggage.
    • You can choose to have the purchase executed automatically in the case of finding a flight opportunity or that the traveler is notified in the case of finding a fare to complete the payment.
    • At the time of formalizing the offer, the traveler must pay 25% of the chosen price. In this way, it makes a microinvestment so that the search is generated and gives the app the possibility to specify the flight reservation.

    The match occurs when the platform finds an airline that is willing to issue the ticket for the price offered.

    It Is Not Alert, It Is Match

    Unlike the alerts that are programmed in ticket sales platforms, The Walltrip ensures that the rate will not change when the purchase is made.

    Why? Because when the price is found, it is held and stored in the traveler’s name.

    In the event that the traveler does not make the purchase, the 25% that was paid is not refunded because it is the cost of the search and reservation service provided.

    It may happen that no flight opportunity is found according to the offer made. In that case, the traveler is reimbursed the percentage paid.

    Does Tinder Passport work?

    Tinder is essentially a virtual version of your local dating scene. When you install, you need to give access to the location of your phone. Automatically adds your city to your profile.

    The main purpose of this application is to connect you with matches living in your area. But what if you want to watch potential matches in a different place?

    What is the Destinations of Tinder Passport?

    It is not easy to change your location in this application. In the past, people used intricate circles to manually enter a new city or a new country.

    You can still do this, but you must install an older, outdated version of the application. It takes several hours to figure out how to do all this.

    Tinder has recognized that some users want to change their location without much difficulty.

    That’s why they introduced the Tinder Passport reward feature. This allows you to adapt to people anywhere in the world wherever you choose.

    How Do You Get A Good Tinder Passport?

    To change your destination on Tinder, you need to invest in either Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold. There is no way to use your passport for free.

    Tinder Plus is $ 9.99 or higher, and if you want to use Tinder Gold, you have to pay an additional $ 4.99 per month.

    How to set up prize options:

    • Open the Tinder Application
    • Tap Settings
    • Select “Get Tinder Plus” or “Get Tinder Gold”

    Both Plus and Gold give you five Super Likes and a Boost along with Unlimited Likes. You can also see those who like your profile with Gold. This is the only difference between the two features.

    Most importantly, both options come with a Tinder Passport, and both options provide an ad-free experience. If you change your mind, they also allow you to take back your last play.

    If your main motivation is to find a way to change your location, it is already a fairly adequate choice. Use Gold if you want to know more about your potential compatibility.

    How Do You Use Tinder Passport?

    You have already set up or Gold and now you want to change your location. How to do it:

    • Open the Tinder Application
    • Tap the profile icon
    • This is at the top of your screen.
    • Tap Settings
    • Tap your location category

    If you’re using Android, you’ll want the “Slide” category. In iOS, the same option is labeled “Location”.

    • Select “Add a new location”

    Enter the city of interest manually. You can change your location as much as you want. You don’t have to stay connected to your country.