How Much Is Travel Insurance For Europe? Learn To Find The Best!

How Much Is Travel Insurance For Europe? Learn To Find The Best!

Anyone who wants to know the value of travel insurance for Europe will be pleasantly surprised to discover that there are plans starting at R$9.90 per month.

For this approximate price, it is possible to purchase full medical coverage, in accordance with the requirements of the Schengen Treaty and with benefits such as permanent loss of luggage and even cancellation of the trip.

In addition, the Air Sprint Logistics Portal works with some of the largest insurance companies in the world, such as Intermac Assistance, GTA – Global Travel Assistance, Travel Ace, Assist Car, among others.

So, if you are thinking about visiting the Old World and want to know more about the conditions, plan values ​​and factors that influence the purchase of Travel Insurance Europe, check out our exclusive article and good reading!

How much is travel insurance for Europe?

First, when someone asks how much travel insurance for Europe is, it is important to be aware that it can change according to some factors.


Some of them are the age of the person, the specific needs for the trip in question, the size of the package and even the length of stay on European soil.

In fact, almost all of the continent requires the contracting of insurance with a minimum coverage of 30 thousand euros or equivalent value in dollars. Therefore, researching the value of travel insurance for Europe is a very important step before embarking.

Below, we will explain more about the main items that influence the price of insurance for those traveling to this continent.

Factors that influence the price of travel insurance for Europe

Destination, time, coverage, chosen company, traveler profile and age. These are the main points to consider to know the value of travel insurance for Europe.

Learn a little more about them below.

Travel insurance amount varies according to age.

Most travel insurance plans, as well as health plans, have price ranges that vary according to the age of the person. In fact, the user needs to be aware of insurers that may have a ceiling age for policy coverage.

However, it is not difficult to find those that cover people of all ages, including benefits that can be very beneficial for the elderly, for example. This should also be taken into account to know the value of travel insurance for Europe.

And it is important to keep in mind that there is no minimum age to purchase travel insurance for Europe, including for children and newborns.

Length of stay on the trip

Before knowing the value of travel insurance for Europe, it is necessary to understand that the longer the stay, the greater the investment in coverage. That’s because there are policies that cover 1 day to those that protect the user for a year.

In fact, the annual travel insurance modality is highly recommended for those who travel several times a year and do not want to worry about taking out insurance for each trip.

Basic or full coverage, which one to choose?

This is the main factor that influences the value of travel insurance for Europe. In other words, all coverage must comply with Susep resolution 315 (Superintendence of Private Insurance).

It requires a minimum coverage, called DMH, and basic coverage with the lowest insurance amount must meet certain requirements.

DMH is the abbreviation for Hospital Medical Expenses and it must include everything related to the stabilization of a traveller’s clinical condition. Some examples are emergency care, urgent care, emergency medical exams, hospitalization and even surgeries.

The DMH may, at the discretion of the insurer, be replaced by one of the following items: medical or body transfer, medical return or compensation for death or disability.

However, it is the main item that the traveler must request. So, whoever is looking to know the value of travel insurance for Europe, can know that these basic services are included in all of them.

Other benefits, such as reimbursement for lost luggage or trip cancellation, pharmaceutical expenses, physiotherapy or sports insurance may increase the value of the Europe travel insurance.

What is the value of travel insurance for Europe according to each country?

Travel insurance plans for Europe cover all countries that are listed in the Schengen Treaty.

In other words, there is no price fluctuation if the tourist decides to visit one of the 26 countries that are part of the agreement. So, to know the value of travel insurance to Europe, just understand the other price criteria without worrying about the destination country on that continent.

On the other hand, travel to the 4 countries that are not part of the Treaty – Ireland, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Croatia – does not eliminate the need for insurance and they must follow specific entry rules.

What is the value of travel insurance for Europe with each insurer?

It is possible that similar services are offered at different prices when you want to know the value of travel insurance for Europe.

Therefore, the best option is to get a quote, taking into account the type of tour, the age of the travelers, the period and the need for coverage.

Finally, do not forget that the current moment of the pandemic calls for the search for packages that have coverage against Covid-19.

Check out some price statements below.

Cheapest travel insurance for Europe

If you are looking for the cheapest option when asking about the value of travel insurance to Europe, the EuroPromo 40BD plan , from Intermac Assistance, may be your choice.

This is because, in a simulation of a 35-year-old traveler, with a two-week stay in Europe, the insurance company presented a value of R$11.65 per day. The total price would be only R$174.80.

Coverages include legal expenses, flight delays, telemedicine and sports.

How much is travel insurance for Europe with Covid-19 coverage?

In a similar simulation to the item above, the Assist Card AC60 Plan offers full coverage in the same simulation as the value of travel insurance to Europe.

Considering a 35 year old person traveling for two weeks, the price would be only R$20.08 per day, or R$312.42 in total.

And that with the guarantee of specific coverage for Covid-19, which provides treatment and hospitalization in case of illness resulting from the coronavirus.

Most complete Europe Travel Insurance

Finally, for those looking for a super complete package with comprehensive coverage – including for people over 65 years old – and which has broad coverage for all eventualities that may happen on a trip, the Affinity 150 Semiannual Plan is the best option.

That’s because Affinity offers, for only R$179.84 a day, more than 25 coverages in a single plan. That’s up to $150,000 in coverage of medical expenses, emergency transfer coordination, medical expenses for sports, and much more.

Thus, knowing the value of travel insurance for Europe is a personal matter, as it must take into account the needs of each traveler.

Get a quote to know the value of travel insurance for Europe

Now that you know everything that influences the value of travel insurance for Europe, get to know the Air Sprint Logistics and have an intuitive and simple tool to quote your insurance!


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