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How to Avoid Your Study Permit Being Refused or Denied

It is usually daunting and discouraging when you spend so much time apply for a visa only for it to be rejected for one reason you cannot explain. Many people desire to study and work in Canada, it is almost like a dream come true for many immigrants and international students when their visa is approved.

Sadly, your study permit and other visa application can be rejected if you don’t adhere to the procedures and requirements laid out by IRCC. The first step to becoming a student in Canada is first to gain admission at a Designated Learning Institute in Canada and receiving a letter of admission. While that part may seem the harder step, obtaining a study permit can be a lot harder for you even with your letter.

Thousands of study permit are submitted each year and over 4 percent are refused by IRCC for different reasons and some of these reasons are listed in this article.


How to Avoid Your Study Permit Being Refused

To avoid your application being refused, you need to have a head start as to why others were refused to avoid the same mistakes. The reasons for each visa refusal are usually sent across via the letter that will be sent to you, or you can also request a more detailed explanation from the visa officer handling your application.

Ensure You Provide Valid Proof of Financial Support Money or Proof of Financial Stability

One requirement that is very vital when you apply for a study permit, is providing proof to show that you have enough money to financially support yourself in Canada at least for the first year of your arrival. The document most asked for is the bank statement which should back to at least 6 months or more. If you are unable to provide this proof, or the proof shows you don’t have enough money to support yourself, your study permit application will be refused or denied.


Ensure You Clear All Doubts About You Leaving the Country When Your Visa Expires

When you apply for a visa, it is important you convince the visa officer that you would return to your home country when your studies are complete. It is different when you extend your permit or apply for a renewal work permit before your visa expires. In this way, you can remain in Canada legally. However, to remain in Canada with an expired study permit is a different story, and the one the visa officer is most interested in.

Ensure Your Documents are Not invalid or incomplete

Providing an invalid or incomplete statement is already a serious problem for your application. Your identity documents along with others must be clear, readable, complete, and valid to avoid your application being refused.

Ensure Your Acceptance Letter is Not Invalid

A valid acceptance letter is the one you receive from a Designated Learning Institute in Canada. Not all universities in Canada are eligible to offer admission to international students, so be sure to check out the university first before you apply or make any payments.

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