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How To Get A Job In Toronto In 6 Steps

    How To Get A Job In Toronto In 6 Steps

    Toronto is the financial center of Canada, but even downtown, the city is divided into bustling neighborhoods, each with its own feel. The city is so excellent for its inhabitants that the Economist Intelligence Unit has ranked it among the most livable cities in the world.


    In other good news for job seekers in Canada, the city of Toronto is currently undergoing a demographic shift, with an aging population and few births, which means that the workforce is changing rapidly and jobs are shrinking. open at unprecedented speed. So how do you enter the race?

    Here are 6 steps to follow to find a job in Canada, and especially in Toronto.

    • Make sure you are eligible to work in Canada

    Canada is historically friendly to immigrants and getting a visa in Canada is relatively easy compared to many countries in Europe. For many immigration candidates, express entry is an option: there really are few barriers to recruitment in Canada outside of finding a job.

    If you want to check if you are eligible for Express Entry, you can check your eligibility on the Canadian Immigration Services website. Knowing your eligibility upfront can save you time on your job search in Canada or in case you are not eligible.

    • Consider the types of jobs available in Canada

    In a city like Toronto, which is the financial center of Canada, there are many jobs in the financial sector. Other major industries in the city include media, technology, and tourism.

    Apart from the basic industries, there is still a fairly wide range of booming industries. Knowing which are the largest Canadian cities can help you decide if Toronto is the right city for you. It is important to research the prevalence of your industry at the start of your job search in Canada .

    • Consult job offers in Canada online

    Many recruitment sites to work in Canada are available. For job hunting, the internet offers a wide range of opportunities in many industries and the web is usually the best place to start. To do this, do not hesitate to register on our Air Sprint Logistics platform to discover the best job offers in Canada that meet your requirements and qualifications.

    • Find a qualified recruiter

    Landing your job in Canada with a qualified recruiter is essential to start your professional career safely. Working with a recruitment agency to work in Canada like Air Sprint Logistics can mean in-depth help with writing your cover letter or editing your resume, getting interview tips and general information about the companies you’re applying for. It’s a good idea to browse our platform and find everything you need to land your dream job in Canada.

    • Redo your CV

    These organizations can help you rebuild your CV based on the Toronto and Canadian model. In Quebec, no details on age or family situation, a presentation emphasizing skills, volunteer activities, the formula is very different from the French version.

    • Mastering English, essential for certain jobs

    Although the French language is the only official language in some province in Canada, recruiters often require fluency in written and spoken English. In the rest of Canada, while English and French are the two official languages, most provinces are English-speaking, although some have French-speaking minorities. Some associations offer language learning services for free or at low cost. Inform yourself!