How To Use Free Credit Card Travel Insurance

How To Use Free Credit Card Travel Insurance

It’s easy to find credit cards with free travel insurance these days. This is an optional service that complements the insurance contracted with airlines or specialized insurance companies.

Learn below how to use free credit card travel insurance, which coverages are generally offered and which companies offer the benefit.

How does credit card travel insurance work?

Travel insurance aims to protect the passenger from problems that may happen during the tour. With credit cards, the idea is exactly the same, but without all the common and expected coverage of other types of insurance. In addition, it is essential that the purchase of the tickets has been made with the credit card that offers the insurance.

This will also depend on the flag and card model. Generally, higher category cards, such as Platinum and Black ranges, have more advantages than simpler models. It is also necessary to be aware if the benefit is valid for everyone who has been traveling or only the cardholder.

What are the card’s travel insurance coverage?

Basically, the plans vary according to the credit card model and the type of assistance the traveler needs. In most cases, some of the following benefits are available:

  • Benefits application that works inside airports;
  • Access to VIP lounges at airports (national and international);
  • Exclusive benefits in hotels, stores, restaurants and shows;
  • Travel assistance, for guidance on the place visited;
  • Emergency withdrawal;
  • Sending an emergency card in case of theft or robbery;
  • Virtual consultation with doctors;
  • Trip cancellation coverage;
  • Vehicle rental insurance;
  • Reimbursement for lost or stolen luggage.


Only higher category cards provide coverage for medical, hospital or dental expenses. Each flag has a different cost and scope, so it is necessary to look for everything it offers on the company’s website or customer service.

Ah, importantly: not everything that is included in the credit card travel insurance can be free. Again, this is a detail that needs to be verified in your card contract and preferably before you make the trip.

How to apply for free credit card travel insurance?

Regardless of the credit card company, you will need to fill out a form with your card details to apply for the benefit. Once again, we reinforce that airline tickets must have been paid in full with the card. If payment is using two cards, bank slip or other methods, then insurance will not be issued.

Customers of the following brands can apply for free travel insurance, as long as they are included in the respective categories of each card:

  • American Express: Platinum, Green and Gold;
  • Link: Graphite, Nanjing and Diners Club;
  • Mastercard: Platinum and Black;
  • Visa: Platinum, Signature and Infinite.

How to activate credit card travel insurance?

During your trip, if you need to use any insurance coverage, first contact your card’s call center. Companies also usually provide a specific number or email for urgent travel cases.

If the emergency involves medical attention, it is recommended that you call before going to a hospital or emergency room where you are traveling. Thus, the costs (partial or total) will be covered by the card’s insurance, avoiding all the bureaucratic part that you would have to ask for a reimbursement for the expenses.


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