Johannesburg Or Cape Town: See All About The Destinations

Johannesburg Or Cape Town: See All About The Destinations

Exploring the African continent, such as Cairo, Egypt, is an excellent option to diversify travel itineraries. After all, taking a tour of Europe or visiting places in South America are more common for Brazilians. But, if you are looking for exotic destinations and that leave the traditional, a visit to Johannesburg or Cape Town, in South Africa, will certainly be a good decision.

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Johannesburg or Cape Town: which one to visit?

When deciding to tour South Africa, you don’t need to be hesitating between visiting Johannesburg or Cape Town. After all, both can be explored in the same vacation itinerary. Therefore, we have listed some of the main attractions of each of these South African cities. That way, you can define all the sights that you will visit. 

What to do in Johannesburg?

The most populous city in South Africa, Johannesburg is the country’s main entry point. In addition to having the busiest airport in South Africa, Olivier Tambo, it is also the first destination for most flights departing from Brazil. From there, you can start your tour of the city, which is culturally rich. 

Apartheid Museum


For more than half of the 20th century, South Africa was ruled under a terrible regime of racial segregation. Well, to get to know this sad story in depth, it is essential to visit the Apartheid Museum . The visit is an immersion into the heart of Apartheid and shows what blacks had to face while the National Party remained in power. 

In addition, there is a section dedicated to the mandate of Nelson Mandela, who took office in 1994 and is the symbol of the struggle that brought apartheid to an end. The museum is open every day, except some holidays, from 9 am to 5 pm. Entry costs 100 rand, the South African currency, which, at current rates, is around R$28.00.


To continue your immersion in South African history, another must-stop is Soweto, a district on the outskirts of Johannesburg. After all, this is the region that was a symbol of resistance at the time of Apartheid. From Soweto came important figures such as Desmond Tutu, the Nobel Prize-winning archbishop, and Nelson Mandela himself, also winner of the award. In fact, one of the main attractions of Soweto is the Mandela House, where the former president of South Africa lived before being taken to prison. 

Constitution Hill

Another important site that provides reflections on Apartheid is Constitution Hill . After all, the building was a prison in which black prisoners were also treated differently from others. That is, they were exposed to privation and humiliation. The place even had Nelson Mandela as one of the prisoners and, at the beginning of the 20th century, it also housed Mahatma Gandhi. Today, in addition to a museum that exhibits what happened there, it is also a Constitutional Court.  

What to do in Cape Town?

Coming from Johannesburg or Cape Town? Well, after having seen the historical immersion in the most populous municipality in South Africa and following the attractions of the beautiful city in the Western Cape province, you will want to visit both. 

By the way, not everyone knows it at first, but Cape Town is the legislative capital of the country. Therefore, it is the seat of the National Parliament. However, what attracts the most in the place goes far beyond politics. After all, Cape Town, as it is known, has breathtaking natural landscapes. 

Table Mountain

Upon arriving in Cape Town, it is impossible not to be impressed by Table Mountain. After all, this is the main postcard of the city precisely because of its grandeur, over a thousand meters high. Therefore, it can be observed from virtually anywhere you are in the city. Incidentally, the spectacular mountain that has Cape Town at its feet doesn’t just serve as a beautiful backdrop for Cape Town. It is possible to climb it, either by trail or by cable car. If possible, choose to reach the top closer to sunset. That’s because the view, which is already magnificent at other times of the day, is stunning. 

Spectacular Beaches

When thinking about Cape Town, surely one of the first images that comes to mind is that of one of its paradisiacal beaches. Well, to start this script, nothing better than going straight to the main one. Camps Bay is an exciting place, full of bars and partying, especially in the late afternoon. Just before there is Clifton Beach, whose mountain backdrop makes you feel like you’re inside a movie. The downside is the fact that the waters are very cold, which makes taking a bath in the sea difficult.

Cape Winelands

When thinking about traveling to Johannesburg or Cape Town, would you imagine visiting wineries? Well, know that in the vicinity of Cape Town is the Cape Winelands region. In this differentiated itinerary, it is worth including two tours in your list. One of them is the Franschhoek Wine Route, a place that has a strong French influence and is situated close to the Groot Drakenstein Mountains, in the coastal wine region of the Western Cape. To give you an idea, there are more than 40 wineries along the route. The other option, a little further away, is the municipality of Stellenbosh. This, in turn, draws attention to the Dutch characteristics, remnants of the colonial period. 

What do I need to know to visit Johannesburg or Cape Town

Best Time To Visit

When choosing to visit Johannesburg or Cape Town, you need to be aware of the time of year. That way, you can enjoy your trip much more. Therefore, the ideal is to choose a period between September and December or from March to April. These are the months when your chance of getting only sunny days and avoiding rain is higher. 

Necessary documents

South Africa is among the countries that do not require a visa for Brazilians. Therefore, it is possible to stay up to 90 days in the country for tourism purposes. Therefore, you must have a valid passport. In addition, to enter the South African territory, it is necessary to have a certificate of vaccination against yellow fever. With all this in hand, just enjoy the trip.  

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