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Home » National Travel Insurance: How Does It Work? It Is Worth It?

National Travel Insurance: How Does It Work? It Is Worth It?

    National Travel Insurance: How Does It Work? It Is Worth It?

    Taking out Travel Insurance is quite common when the destination is international. In addition to providing coverage to support travelers abroad, International Travel Insurance is mandatory in some countries, such as those that are part of the Schengen TreatyAnd when we talk about travel within Brazil? The National Travel Insurance is just as important a contract and offers fundamental benefits to enjoy the tour without worrying.


    Because they are in their country and believe they have more autonomy and tranquility to resolve issues, some travelers discard this hiring because they think it is not something necessary. But it is important to point out that no one is free from unforeseen and possible headaches. 

    Lost luggage, for example, can also happen within Brazil or any country. With the hiring of a National Travel Insurance, you can be calm in the face of this and many other problems that can happen.

    If you want to know more about National Travel Insurance, read the main questions regarding this product below: 

    What is National Travel Insurance?

    The National Travel Insurance is a product of the insurance sector whose main objective is to guarantee coverage in various situations and unforeseen events that may occur during the period of your trip in the national territory. For assistance or financial compensation, it is essential that the claim is specified in the policy coverage. Therefore, a negotiation with an expert is essential. 

    When taking out insurance to travel in Brazil, most plans offer:

    • Coverages aimed at medical and dental areas, which tend to have high value anywhere;
    • Financial and legal aid;
    • Transfer in case of death;
    • Assistance in case of loss of luggage by the airline. 

    In addition to the coverage mentioned above, it is possible to customize your National Travel Insurance according to your profile and that of the trip. For those who like trails and extreme sports, for example, there is the Travel Insurance for Sports.


    What are the benefits of National Travel Insurance?

    Among the main benefits that the National Travel Insurance offers, some of its coverages stand out among the preferences of those who are going to enjoy a few days of rest.

    Medical and odontology assistance

    For those who do not have an agreement, contracting National Travel Insurance can be fundamental support. Can you imagine having an accident or needing emergency care during the trip? We know that medical or dental care is expensive anywhere in Brazil or the world.

    Therefore, when contracting Travel Insurance, includes medical and dental assistance, so the insurance company will cover the necessary care for the insured. This coverage covers, within the amount provided for in the policy, the expenses generated, including emergency care and hospitalizations. Depending on the insurer, it is possible to include medical transfer and pharmaceutical assistance, which assists in the purchase of medicines.

    Loss of Baggage

    One of the most common problems for those who travel by plane! Lost luggage is a headache that no traveler wants to go through. Have you ever thought about arriving at your destination and not having your suitcase? And worse, not having insurance that offers support in this situation?

    When contracting National Travel Insurance, if your luggage is lost and it is not found, the airline must pay the compensation to the passenger. 

    In addition, by having taken out the insurance, it will be possible to supplement the indemnity according to the contracted amount limit, indicated in the policy and defined at the time of negotiation. That’s why it’s very important to stipulate a value that you are convinced will cover your losses in a possible loss.

    Body Transfer

    In an extreme situation, in which the insured person dies, the National Travel Insurance, through the body transfer coverage, provides that the insurer is responsible for the costs of removing the deceased to his place of origin of the transfer of the body and speeds up the process concerning bureaucratic issues.

    That way, the insured’s family will no longer have to worry about it at such a difficult time.

    Travel Advice

    Even if you are in your country, it is very difficult to know everything and find it easy to find information or good itinerary tips. When you take out National Travel Insurance, you get the support of experts to improve your experiences during the tour.

    In this chat, you will receive indications according to your destination: which are the best beaches to visit in the Northeast or even in Espírito Santocities to visit in Paranátourist attractions in Ilhabela, and so on, whatever your script. That way, you save time and set up your travel plan with peace of mind.  

    Legal support and bail

    You never can tell what may happen on a trip. It is even possible that some situations may take you to a police station: a traffic fight, disrespect for some local law, disagreements with hotels or inns, among other situations.

    With National Travel Insurance, you can use the insurance to pay for lawyers’ fees and the amount for bail, if necessary. Always remember that the amount covered by the insurance company will be provided for in the policy – if the costs are higher, the insured will have to make the supplement.

    Is it worth taking out National Travel Insurance?

    Yea! Even if you are on a route through Brazil, Travel Insurance is a guarantee of more tranquility, security, and practicality for solving problems. The investment in this product is valid in view of the many benefits it offers.