The 5 Best Suitcase For Travel

One of the basic products for travelers is travel suitcases, they are an important item that must be chosen well. The problem is that today there is so much competition and so many models that choosing the right one is difficult.

I have seen a number of blogs and internet pages with the typical headlines of “The 10 best suitcases for this year.”

They are rubbish! what most of these pages do is choose the first suitcases they find and rank them as the best, but are they really the best? Probably not.

Let’s get down to business! There are many types of suitcases, cheap, luxurious, for men, for women, they can be bought even in packages.

The truth is that all suitcases serve the same purpose and today’s models are not very different, they are almost the same.


For this reason, what I am going to do here is share with you which are the models or brands that have a good reputation and how to choose a suitcase for travel bags so that you can make sure you buy a quality one.

1. AmazonBasics Travel Suitcases

Hard to believe but true, Amazon’s range of products has positioned itself as one of the best options in travel luggage.

The reason is because they are simple, can be easily purchased individually or in complete sets, and are usually inexpensive in price.

In short, you get a suitcase that works well, at a good price, and arrives directly at your home.

If you need suitcases or you just don’t want to waste time going to the store to find one, this is the best option.

2. Samsonite Travel Suitcases

Samsonite is the brand that one always usually finds in airport stores, the downside of this is that acquiring it at the airport is going to be very expensive.

Your suitcases are on this list because they offer an elegant and quality design.

Buying a samsonite travel bag is making sure you buy something that will work for you on multiple trips.

3. Rockland Suitcases

Rockland is a company specialized in suitcases, they have a wide variety of designs, models and types.

If you want to make sure you buy a good suitcase, you should take a look at the items that rockland has.

4. American Tourister Suitcases

American Tourister is a company that has been working on suitcases since 1933 Imagine that!

They have experience in making quality luggage and besides, they have a lot of exclusive designs.

I’m telling you that you can find suitcases with designs from marvel, disney, star wars, etc.

If you want something thematic and of excellent quality, then American Tourister is your ideal option.

5. Suitcases For Traveling Just Home

This type of luggage has made tourists fall in love with its style and simplicity.

Their sets are beautiful, and cover the necessary sizes for traveling as a family.

How To Choose A Suitcase For Travel

We always have to choose: a place to rest, an airline, a travel agency, a hotel. Choosing a suitcase is also an important item, especially with such diversity in the market.

Suitcases are very different: small and large, with and without wheels, made of plastic and textile, more expensive and cheaper.

After all, how not to get confused and choose the right one? Below are tips on how to choose a suitcase for travel.

1. Pay Attention To The Materials

Plastic or textiles? Both materials have advantages and disadvantages. Fabric suitcases are generally cheaper than plastic, although not inferior to secondary ones. There are outer pockets for the various little things you need along the way, and they can stretch as they grow in size.

This is if you have a sudden shopping experience. On the downside, they may not be safe when carrying fragile items, soaking, tearing, and washing them is problematic, and the fabric is all the same.

Of course, plastic suitcases are superior to fabric in terms of resistance to damage and cuts, do not get wet in the rain, will ensure the safety of the fragile grandmother’s service, do not need to be washed – just wipe with a napkin.

However, it will not be able to change the size of the plastic and will be a little more expensive.

2. The Size Of The Bag

There are small suitcases up to 55 cm in height – only for short trips and for a traveler. Such a suitcase will most likely fit in your luggage at most airlines and you will not have to wait in line for luggage.

Yes – medium (up to 70 cm in height). Adapted for longer trips in 2-3 weeks per traveler. There are large suitcases up to 80 cm in height – perfect for a family trip with a child.

And there are very large suitcases. It has a height of more than 80 centimeters and serves the whole family, preferably for river and sea walks or large trips by car, so that you can take such a suitcase in the trunk of the plane.

3. Wheels

Of course, the suitcase should be on wheels, even if it is not more than you can handle. It is easier and more pleasant to rub it on the ground. Suitcases can be two-wheeled or four-wheeled, depending on the number of wheels.

Large and very large suitcases are generally equipped with 4 wheels. It’s hard to round it to 2, because part of the whole weight will fall on your hands. At the same time, the 4 wheels roll well only on a flat and smooth surface (such as an airport floor). You will still ride 2 on sand or parquet stones.

If small and medium bags suit you, you can choose 2 wheels. And the bigger and softer it is, the better.

4. Color Bag

The advice here is simple: choose a suitcase that is as bright as possible. And not just to be very nice. It’s easier to see a shiny suitcase in the trunk. It will be easy for someone to describe and detect such an attractive luggage that is difficult to confuse or steal. Hotel concierge thank you. In general, not black.

5. Connectors, Pens, Sections

Firstly, the buckles. As a rule, it is lightning – fast and cheap. In addition, more zippers are made of rubber and prevent the penetration of moisture.

In addition, special latches will protect the luggage from moisture, which does not allow water to enter, while maintaining the original humidity and temperature in the suitcase.

It is very important for the tropics with showers.

Secondly, pens. They should lie freely, lie comfortably in the palm of their hand and fit their length.

Thirdly, offices. They help to organize and explore space. Here are some simple and practical tips for choosing the right suitcase. Just need to make a decision and get a ticket.

Is it safe to buy travel bags online?

Yes! of course yes, you just have to learn to identify where to buy them; buy them with online stores that give you confidence or look for them with those people you know and who give you security.


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