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Tips For A Safe Trip

    Tips For A Safe Trip

    Discovering new places is a wonderful experience that can mark someone’s entire life. However, the unknown brings with it many challenges for the tour to be carried out without any setbacks. When traveling, it is important to be aware that you are in a different place and, therefore, there are some precautions that must be taken as a precaution.


    Obviously, researching the reality of the place to be visited is the first step, but some tips are valid for any type of trip. For this reason, today we are going to help you travel more safely, following some basic advice. Check out!


    It is not news to anyone that one of the biggest concerns in travel is with money. After all, if you are robbed or lose a large amount, the lack of money can be a major obstacle both in completing the trip and in returning to your hometown. For this reason, even though it is always necessary to carry a sum of money, it is important to have a reserve or an alternative means to not be stuck in an unfamiliar place.

    With the implementation of the password system for credit and debit cards, the option has become the safest option to use when traveling. In any case, whether within Brazil or abroad, it is important to have a little money in banknotes for occasional expenses where cards are not accepted – such as in public transport – and also in case something unexpected happens with the cards.

    Regarding money, try to take only a small amount with you, and store the rest in a safe place at the hotel (some hotels even provide a safe). Leave the card for spending at more expensive establishments and purchases. If you lose it or get stolen, just cancel it with the bank.


    The decision to take an original document with you during tours in the city visited is a very personal one. Abroad, for example, the need to carry a valid identification can be much greater than inside Brazil. In this case, it must also be considered that the only document accepted will be the passport, the same document that allows you to leave and enter the country of origin. Given this information, it is clear that losing this document can be a big headache, right? Therefore, to facilitate the process of issuing a new document, if necessary, have physical and digital copies of the passport. This is also valid for other documents used in Brazilian territory.

    If you prefer to take your original passport or identity card, using a doleira (a kind of fanny pack placed inside your clothes) is an option to avoid theft or loss of documents, money, cards, among other valuable personal objects. If you do not need to carry an original document, take only one copy with you and leave it in a safe place at the hotel.



    Whether by bus or plane, during the trip, leave your documents, cards and, at least, a sum of money in an individual bag that cannot be checked. This will help a lot if you have lost luggage. If this happens, keep calm. It is very likely that the airline will locate your bag and ship it to you within a few days. During this time, personal items may be lacking, so it is important to carry a carry-on bag with a change of clothes and toiletries, to last for at least one to three days.

    In both types of transport, closing the suitcase with a padlock is also valid. Until recently, the airlines themselves provided disposable seals, however, nowadays, not all offer the service. Even so, the seals keep your belongings safe on the trip, but at the hotel the suitcase is once again unprotected. The padlock solves this problem, ensuring the safety of your personal belongings throughout the journey.


    Tempting dishes are typical during travel. However, they are not always served in the most reliable places in terms of hygiene and origin of ingredients. Still, it’s not necessary to completely give up the experience of tasting street food. Before eating somewhere, however, try to visualize the way food is handled and prepared, the number of customers and the hygiene measures taken by those who prepare the food. When in doubt, choose restaurants that are best known to tourists through internet reviews.