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Top 10 MBA Scholarships in Canada

    Top 10 MBA Scholarships in Canada

    The MBA is a Master of Business Administration, a postgraduate degree focused on business and business studies. With its popularity, different specializations were created, such as marketing and international relations, but, in general, it is indicated for those who want to assume leadership positions or open their own businesses.


    Canada is an excellent study destination for an MBA, especially as its universities tend to focus on hands-on learning throughout their courses, providing paid experience in the job market.

    If your intention is to find an MBA in Canada, check out our new selection of scholarships below!

    1. MBA Foundation Study Grant

    University Canada West ( UCW) offers the MBA Foundation Study Grant to native and international candidates who demonstrate leadership potential and commitment to their chosen field.

    To apply for the scholarship, you must meet the following requirements:

    • Submit a completed University Canada West Scholarship & Award Application application form when applying for admission to the university’s MBA;
    • Submit a personal statement outlining how the Master of Business Administration and MBA Foundation courses will impact your career and personal goals;
    • Complete the UCW MBA Foundation program and the MBA within 36 months of beginning their studies at the university;
    • Have a minimum GPA of 3.00.

    The grant is awarded upon full payment of the MBA Foundation course and works as a credit of C$5,000 towards the payment of studies in the last subject of the MBA program.

    Contact University Canada West directly to learn more.


    2. Ontario Graduate Scholarship

    The Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) Program is a merit-based scholarship program for MBAs, Masters and Doctorates at Canadian universities in the province of Ontario.

    Awards are available to graduate students in all academic disciplines at participating universities in Ontario. The scholarships are jointly funded by the Province of Ontario and the educational institution receiving the scholarship.

    OGS are based on the number of consecutive terms of study in an academic year:

    • C$10,000 for 2 consecutive terms of study;
    • C$15,000 for 3 consecutive terms of study.

    Each OGS is issued to:

    • At least one academic year (2 or 3 consecutive academic terms);
    • A maximum of two years (up to 6 consecutive academic terms).

    Basically, for Masters students, the OGS Scholarship lasts up to two years; and, for doctoral students, up to four years. The maximum duration of the OGS is six years.

    The scholarship is based on the academic merit of the students. Your application is evaluated and ranked according to criteria determined by the Canadian University of Ontario to which you are applying.

    But generally speaking, to be considered, you must also meet the following criteria:

    • Enroll in a master’s or doctoral postgraduate course;
    • Enroll in a full-time course for two terms or more (from 21 to 52 weeks in total);
    • Attend one of the Ontario universities participating in the Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) Program.

    Meet some of the universities that offer this scholarship:

    • Carleton University;
    • Lakehead University;
    • University of Ottawa ;
    • Ryerson University ;
    • Trent University ;
    • Western University ;
    • Wilfrid Laurier University.

    Applications for the Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) Program always open in October.

    3. South & Latin America Top Talent Scholarships

    The Sauder School of Business is the business school of the renowned University of British Columbia (UBC) in Canada. It offers a range of admission scholarships from 35% to 45%. This means that you do not have to apply separately for the scholarship; just apply for admission to one of Sauder’s courses and you are automatically evaluated.

    UBC seeks students who demonstrate high standards of academic excellence and dedication to their professional ambitions. Sauder School of Business candidates are evaluated on a number of factors, including the following, among many others:

    • Work experience;
    • Academic achievement;
    • Business savvy;
    • Quality of the personal statement in the application.

    A Sauder-specific scholarship is the South & Latin America Top Talent Scholarships , as the name implies, for talent from Latin and South America. To be eligible, you must demonstrate exceptional aptitude and academic excellence on your application to the University of British Columbia’s full-time MBA.

    The scholarship is worth from C$10,000 to C$40,000 and applications take place in October every year.

    4. Ryerson University Ted Rogers School of Management

    Ted Rogers School of Management is a management school located in Toronto, Canada and is one of the top management schools in Canada where students can apply for their MBA.
    It was also ranked as one of the top 25 international MBA programs by Bloomberg Businessweek.

    Because earning an MBA could be a huge financial investment, Ted Rogers School of Management partnered with Ted and Loretta Rogers and received a donation of up to $15 million for scholarships and awards.

    These scholarships and awards are intended to help students finance their MBA programs.

    Up to 24 students receive scholarships and awards worth up to $20,000 each.

    To qualify for the Ted Rogers School Undergraduate Scholarship, the applicant must be academically excellent.

    Students are selected based on their academic excellence and performance.

    The scholarship is open to local Canadian students who apply on a full-time or part-time basis.

    And it is also open to international students applying only full-time. To apply for your scholarships and awards, visit

    5. Alberta MBA Scholarships

    Up to $1 million was made available to students in the MBA program at the University of Alberta Business School in 2019. There are entrance awards for students who successfully get into the Alberta Business School that could be worth up to $15,000. Scholarships are awarded during MBA programs. For more information, visit

    6. Schulich School of Business Scholarships

    All international students are automatically considered for Schulich School of Business scholarships and awards. There are scholarships based on merit, scholarships for people with financial needs, etc.

    7. Faculty of Administration of Desautels

    Desautels School of Management is part of McGill University and is also a top management school in Canada.
    You can check their scholarship page at

    8. Rotman School of Management Scholarships

    This management school is located in Toronto, Canada and is one of the leading management schools in the world. This management school is part of the University of Toronto and MBA hopefuls can apply to the school to study for an MBA degree.

    The Rotman MBA is indeed a good career investment.

    The Rotman School of Management itself does not sponsor any students for scholarships for its MBA program, but a number of outside organizations are willing to sponsor foreign students for their MBA at the school.

    For example, the International Scholarship Programs of the Government of Canada. There are many scholarships available under the government program for foreign MBA applicants.
    Visit to see a complete list of government scholarships.

    9. HEC Montreal MBA Scholarships

    In association with the HEC Montreal Foundation, there are hundreds of scholarships up for grabs for you as an MBA student.

    10. Ivey MBA Scholarships

    There are several excellent scholarships and student loans available to Ivey MBA applicants. Scholarship awards are worth up to $1.8 million. Visit to learn more about financing your MBA study at Ivey Business School.