Top 5 Most Ranked Higher Institution In Canada

Canada is undoubtedly one of the best countries to study for an higher education in the whole world. Their universities especially, are some of the best in the whole world. Many foreign students repeatedly choose Canada as their choice study destinations.

So, it is normal for people to be curious about the best higher institutions out of all the numerous good ones in Canada. In this article, our main focus will be to look at the top 5 higher institutions in Canada.

When the QS World University Rankings of 2020 was released, up to 26 of Canada’s universities made the list. Yes, 26! This shows you that the level of higher education in Canada is very high.

Apart from the QS World University Rankings, the Times Higher Education’s World University rankings at, had 30 of Canada’s universities in the list. All these go on to buttress the fact that, Canada is a good place to gain world class education.

Also, what makes Canada really attractive to students from the world over, is the cheap study options available. Canada’s education can stand side by side with that of the USA, but it is much more cheaper to study in Canada. So, what’s not to love?

Most Ranked Higher Institution In Canada

In view of all that has been said, let us look at the top five higher institutions in Canada. All the higher institutions that made top five in rankings are universities. There are top technical colleges and business schools in Canada too, apart from the universities.

But our list will only have universities in it because they are the highest in rank. And we will be using the THE ranking mainly in this article.

1. University of Toronto

University of Toronto is the best ranking university and higher institution in Canada for 2020. According to the QS World Ranking and Times Higher Education ranking, University of Toronto is the number one best university in Canada. And rightfully so.

The university has had major achievements like, being the first to launch a academic publishing house in Canada, being the first university in Canada to reach CAD$1 billion in endowment, the university’s significant contribution to the stem cell treatment research and more.

The university has up to 700 study programs/degrees available for Undergraduate students and up to 200 postgraduate degrees up for grabs.

Up to five of Canada’s prime ministers are alumni of this great higher institution and the university is proud to have been affiliated with up to 10 Nobel Laureates. Visit the university’s website at to see more of what the university offers.

2. University of British Columbia

This university makes the 2nd top higher institution in Canada according to the THE (Times Higher Education) ranking of 2020. Visit the university’s website at to see more details about this higher institution. Up to 8 Nobel prize winners have been alumni of the University of British Columbia. The university is also the oldest university in the province of British Columbia.

The university has made significant achievements like, it houses the world’s largest cyclotron which is a type of particle accelerator. The current Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is an alumni of the university, the university has also produced up to 71 Rhodes scholars, the university also partnered with the Max Planck Society and others, to establish the first Max Planck Institute that will specialize in quantum materials in North America and the university has one of the world’s largest research libraries.

UBC as the university is commonly referred to, was founded in the year 1908 and it has two main campuses located in Vancouver and Kelowna. Sine the university’s establishment, it has gone on to be one of the best universities in Canada. It is a public university.

3. McGill University

According to the THE ranking, McGill university is the third best higher institution in Canada in 2020. McGill University is a public university that majors in research and was founded in 1821. The university is located in Montreal, Canada. The university has overtime, consistently ranked among the top 50 best universities in the world and the top 3 universities in Canada.

The university has produced up to 12 Nobel Laureates amongst its alumni and up to 145 Rhodes scholars. The university has also produced a lot of billionaires. Sir Ernest Rutherford who discovered the atomic nucleus was a professor of Experimental Physics at McGill University.

Some other McGill Alumni have invented a web search engine, first artificial cell and so on. Kindly visit the college website at for more details about this institution.

4. McMaster University

This university ranks 4th according to the THE ranking of 2020. It is a public research university that was established in 1887 and the university has had up to 27,000 undergraduates and 4,000 postgraduate students. This university has produced Rhodes scholars, Nobel Laureates and business leaders as well.

The university is named after William McMaster, who gave up to $900,000 CAD to the founding of the university. The main campus of the university is located in Hamilton, Ontario. You can visit the university’s website at for more details.

5. University of Montreal

University of Montreal was ranked 5th by the THE ranking of 2020. University of Montreal was founded in the year 1878 and is a French public research university in Canada.

The university has notable alumni like business leaders, and leading academics. The main campus is located in Mount Royal in Canada. You can visit the university’s website at for more information.

So, those are the top and most ranked higher institutions in Canada given above. We hope you enjoyed the list.