Top Internship Jobs in Canada for International Students

Canada is known for being one of the top destinations for international students. The country is known for its world-class education. As an international student in Canada, you can search for probably the most mind-blowing internship openings at organizations that are both innovative and world-pioneers in their fields. Doing your internship in Canada won’t just look extraordinary on your resume however could set you up for a future in Canada.

The International Experience Canada program or Working Holiday Visa, as it’s all the more normally known, gives international students from more than 30 unique nations travel to Canada to either fund their vacation, pick up proficient working experience or complete a global co-op (internship).

So before you apply to partake in this astonishing occasion, how about we show you the absolute best internship job occupations in Canada for international students.

Internship Opportunities for International Students in Canada

1. Technology Internships

Accenture Inc. is an extraordinary open door for tech students. The organization puts resources into its workers by spending roughly about $3,100 annually on an assortment of training opportunities.

They additionally offer alluring opportunities for new parents through paid leave and minimizing the amount of travel needed in the first year of getting back to work. The organization has different and lots of internship programs for analysts and also consulting and initiative programs in the mid-year.

2. Marketing and Communications Internships


Proctor and Gamble is a global consumer products organization that highly esteems developing a workplace brimming with appreciation. They have a Power of You grant program that permits shared honors of financial value through the application. P&G likewise aids employee development through educational cost appropriations for learning programs, both related and unrelated, to the estimation of $5,000 annually.

P&G runs internship programs for onboarding and training programs just as an innovation challenge where they are approached to attempt to come up with how they would consider new ways that individuals would shower in the future. P&G provides different paid internships, summer jobs and if you are lucky to get hired, you can look forward to earning a salary of around $70k-$75k

3. Engineering and Technical Internships

For those hoping to utilize their engineering capabilities in the mining area, you might need to think about Hatch Ltd. It is famous for being one of Canada’s top green employers through its execution of robotized sensor tech and water-proficient machines just as boosting utilizing elective approaches to drive to work, for example, offering carpoolers $2.50 to every passenger for each trip and $2 every day to cyclists!

This organization is continually keeping watch for engineers, researchers, and technologists and has a different center and paid internship opportunities on offer. Hatch has joined associates with different Canadian colleges to give students admittance to industry guides and development programs.

4. Media Internships

Aboriginal Peoples Television Network Inc. /APTN is a TV telecom organization that offers a scope of extraordinary advantages, for example, liberal contributions to worker pension plans, alluring parental leave, and assists with advancing work-life balance by making elective work course of action if necessary, for example, their new presentation of bi-weekly on-site visits from reflexologists, massage specialists and cranial sacral therapist!

APTN has additionally joined associates together with the Canadian Association of Journalists to give a paid 3 months placement for a journalist internship. They likewise offer a scope of paid and unpaid internship positions for four applicants that are enthusiastic about reporting native content.

Other internship opportunities are

  • Healthcare Internships: Health Canada and Bell Canada are top organizations in this sector.
  • Culinary Internships: Cactus Restaurants is a top organization in this sector.
  • Non-Profit Internships: YMCA Toronto and Egg Farmers of Canada are top organizations in this sector.


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