Travel Itinerary: Organize your Perfect Trip

Travel Itinerary: Organize your Perfect Trip

Are you going to travel and don’t know where to start planning?

It’s time to create a travel itinerary to help you.

How to make your travel itinerary?

The travel itinerary is like a travel plan, it serves to give a direction to what you are going to do every day of your tour.

Through this planning, you can organize yourself and guarantee the perfect trip, without breaking the budget, or missing the best tourist spots, such as:

  • The dates of your travels;
  • Which destinations to visit;
  • Duration period;
  • Control your expenses;

Taking these precautions is great for not having surprises during the trip, and ending up with unpleasant unforeseen events. In addition to ensuring less anxiety and stress 🙂


Read on and find out more about how to create a perfect travel itinerary, regardless of the destination you choose.

How to organize an excellent script?

First understand what a travel itinerary actually looks like. See an example of a travel itinerary that we made to Campos do Jordão, in which we show places and information to have amazing days during the trip.

Understand your traveler profile

Figuring out what type of traveler you are, and then making the right choices, is a great start to itinerary planning.

After all, it’s good that before deciding on destinations, dates and budgets, you find out what your travel style is. Well, understanding better what kind of place and experience you are looking for will make your trip a success.

Some important questions to define what type of traveler you are:

  • Do you prefer to have everything planned out in advance or do you like surprises?
  • Prefer travel by car or plane?
  • Need comfort or want simplicity?
  • Do you want to enjoy more than one hotel or do you prefer to stay in a more economical place and meet the local people?
  • Prefer entertainment for family, couple or friends?
  • What types of places do you want to visit: museums, parks, waterfalls, beaches or historic centers?
  • What time of year do you want to travel?
  • What type of trip are you going to do: leisure or business

Through these questions, you can choose the one that best suits your travel style and expectations.

Making the right choice is important, but don’t let indecision get in the way of your fun time. After all, it’s good to plan to avoid problems, but the most valuable thing about a trip is enjoying it.

Creating your own Travel Itinerary

Now that you know some of your goals and have well-defined goals, you can create your own plan. But how to do that and have the dream trip?

Being a national or international itinerary, you can follow the following tips, as a step by step. Check out!

1. Deciding destinations

One of the main steps in the travel itinerary is choosing where you want to go.

Therefore, you need to research the places that you like the most and that, in addition, have tourist attractions of interest.

Don’t forget to consider the local culture as a differential in the chosen destination, interesting and different cultures make the experience unique.

It is also important to choose between a national or international trip.

As Brazil is a huge country, there are several regional cultures, and therefore, several styles of tourism.

National trips can be impressive and it is easy to rely on well-known banks and the Brazilian language.

For international travel, the options are many. There are amazing places to travel in the world and you can choose one that is cool and fits your budget.

Always consider ticket prices between places and facilities between connections. Between short distances, you can always choose between bus, car or train. This makes your planning a lot easier.

Between longer distances, keep an eye on flight prices. Also, don’t forget to check if the connection will take up too much of your trip. We recommend checking out Google’s flight search tool.

2. Available Budget

By defining the place where you want to go, you can have a better idea of ​​the prices charged there and know how much you will need to go to that destination.

Before traveling you can already have an idea of ​​expenses by checking Numbeo. Also, check the tour prices on the official websites.

Now, just align your available budget with the cost required for the trip. Let’s remember what are the main costs involved in a trip: Tickets, Accommodation, Food, Sights, Internal Transport, Market, Shopping, Travel Insurance , among others.

If the cost exceeds your finances, consider traveling to another destination ;). You will have more fun having the financial freedom to enjoy your tour.

3. When do you want to travel?

It is very important to align your destination and budget with the time of year you are going to travel, avoiding spoiling your tour.

Depending on the location, at certain times of the year, the weather may not be pleasant or it may be much more expensive than at other times.

Also, if your goal is to enjoy the beach, in certain places it can be rainier, for example. Therefore, when deciding on the location, look for the most interesting date for your destination and include it in your travel itinerary.

4. Availability for Travel

Now that you’ve decided where you’re going, what your budget is and when you want to travel, it’s time to choose your days.

The round trip can save you on airfare and even hotels. But, in addition, it is important to see how many days you have available for your trip.

5. Search for your well-located Hosting

In addition to the destination, such as Country, State or City, it is important to define the coolest places to visit there. In this way, you can choose the hotels closest to your point of interest and also analyze other questions, such as:

  • Convenience;
  • Comfort;
  • Price;
  • Entertainment options;
  • Leisure options;
  • Localization.

Searching for the ideal location is essential in your travel itinerary

There are some questions that can save your trip, preventing unforeseen events from happening, such as:

  • What time is high season and how is the place on those days?
  • What are the attractions in high and low seasons? Are they interesting to you?
  • How can you reach your destination?
  • Is the location good and does it give you the opportunity to get to know the points of interest in the destination?
  • For international travel : do you need a visa, passport or vaccine?
  • On national or international travel: do you have any other means of protecting yourself against unforeseen circumstances? (Like travel insurance , for example).

be cautious

Regardless of whether it is a trip for business, leisure or studies, it is important to have security – even if your activities are not “radical”.

Imagine, for example, that you travel to any state in Brazil and suddenly end up getting sick. This gets even worse when your health insurance doesn’t cover outside your state. Have you ever stopped to think about going through this outside the country, without public service and paying in dollars?

Therefore, it is important to look for air sprint logistics, considering the best coverage for you. Want to travel hassle-free? Get in touch and ask your questions.


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