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Travel Medical Expenses Insurance: See How It Works

    Travel Medical Expenses Insurance: See How It Works

    No one plans to experience medical emergencies while traveling, but accidents and ill health are unpredictable. Therefore, travel medical expenses insurance is an essential service. If your destination is international, insurance may even be mandatory. But, even for trips within Brazil, it represents economy and tranquility to enjoy the tour.


    Want to know more about it? So keep reading! Below, we have prepared a complete guide with everything you need to know about travel insurance for medical expenses.

    How does travel insurance work?

    In general, travel insurance for medical expenses works as a temporary health plan to cover possible medical expenses in a destination where the contractor’s regular plan does not have coverage, as in the case of international travel.

    In these situations, the insurance provides for the reimbursement of all hospital and pharmaceutical expenses incurred by the traveler, up to the maximum amount established in the contract. To do this, simply present the invoices to confirm the expenses.

    In addition to medical expenses, this type of insurance can also offer:

    • accommodation after hospital discharge;
    • rebooking the ticket for return;
    • compensation in case of permanent disability during the trip;
    • compensation for trip cancellation;
    • costs of legal expenses;
    • compensation for lost luggage;
    • funeral assistance and repatriation in the event of death.

    It is worth remembering that although this service is more common for international travel, it is also possible to take out national insurance for destinations within Brazil with the same coverage.

    Why do I need to buy insurance?

    Contrary to what happens in Brazil, many countries do not serve foreigners free of charge in the health network. Thus, any unforeseen event – no matter how small – can represent a large expense. Therefore, the cost of travel insurance for medical expenses should be seen as an investment in your peace of mind, security and practicality for solving problems.


    Furthermore, this is a basic requirement of many countries already at the time of immigration. In Europe, for example, if the traveler does not have travel insurance with international coverage, he cannot even enter the countries.

    Complementary medical expenses

    Supplementary medical expenses are an additional amount on the total policy of expenses covered by the contract. To travel to Europe, for example, travel insurance for medical expenses must have a minimum coverage of 30,000 euros. However, in the event of an unforeseen event, hospital costs may exceed this amount. In this case, the amount determined for the supplementary medical expense is used to pay the difference without you having to bear this cost.  

    The main difference between this amount and the amount intended for regular medical expenses is that it is deducted for each use. If the value of your insurance is 30 thousand euros, for example, you will have this amount available every time a medical emergency occurs, even if you have already activated the insurance before during the trip. 

    Complementary medical expenses are consumed with each use. So, if your insurance for this expense is 5,000 euros and you need to request 2,000 for a particular service, only 3,000 will be left for the next use.

    How to buy travel insurance?

    Travel medical expenses insurance can be contracted directly with companies specializing in insurance, with the airline, on the website where the ticket was purchased, at travel agencies or even with credit card operators. Generally, the service can be hired 100% online without major bureaucracy. However, care must be taken when filling in the data, as insurance is made according to the traveler’s profile and the travel destination.

    Providing erroneous or contradictory information can influence the value and coverage of the insurance. Therefore, the ideal is to hire this service with a specialized company that can provide all the necessary guidance.