12 Cities To Visit For Architecture Lovers In 2022

Architecture occupying a preponderant place in the history of mankind, these are some cities with unique styles and buildings

Undoubtedly, the infrastructure and design say a lot about the destinations, revealing the particular moment in history, showing its spirit and making tourists fall in love. This is a selection of twelve cities to visit for architecture lovers in 2022.

A city is not only defined by its gastronomy, shopping centers, amusement parks among other attractions.

Clearly, architecture has a prominent place within the construction of a city’s DNA.

In addition, over time, cultural and architectural movements forged different paradigms that marked a before and after in the history of humanity.


Let us take a closer look at the 12 cities to visit for architecture lovers.

Twelve Cities for Architecture Lovers


One of the most iconic, the Miami Beach Historic District comprises the largest collection of Art Deco architecture in the world.

On the other hand, it is a modern tourist destination, with iconic places like the Art District and the ever-growing neighborhood of Brickell.

Symmetrical and geometric patterns, floral motifs, animals and distinctive pastel colors of the Deco can be seen throughout the width of the city.


Paris is the reflection of the diversity of different architectural styles dominated in Europe throughout its history. The buildings of the city take a journey through the eras and architectural styles.

Architecture occupying a preponderant place in the history of mankind, these are some cities with unique styles and buildings

There, structures from the Middle Ages to the 21st century can be found on the Parisian Skyline. Being the birthplace of the Gothic and the epicenter of the French Renaissance,


Drawing inspiration from modern and eastern Gothic techniques, early 19th century Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí created some urban spaces in this city he loved.

On the other hand, a walk through Barcelona is a tour of the greatest concentration of his ceramic mosaics and stained glass work, which include Park Güell and culminate in his unfinished masterpiece, La Sagrada Familia.


Over the past ten years, the landscape of Dubai has dramatically evolved and transformed. Housing one of the tallest skyscrapers in the world , without a doubt, the cosmopolitan city attracted the best contemporary architects like Zaha Hadid and Rem Koolhaas to feed its exterior.


Being the birthplace of renowned architects such as Arne Jacobsen, Bjarke Ingels and Jørn Utzon, urbanism is a major tourist attraction in Copenhagen. In recent years, the Scandinavian city transformed its coastline and breathed new life into less popular districts.

Along this port you can visit the Royal Danish Playhouse, Jean Nouvel’s Blue Cube with a DR Koncerthuset concert hall, and Henning Larsen’s Copenhagen Opera House, considered one of the most modern and iconic opera buildings in the world.


Without a doubt, the Romans were known to be great innovators, making it a must on this list. The city was historically a pioneer, adapting to almost all styles, from classic Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance.

It is a tourist destination that concentrates one of the greatest centers of baroque architecture of the seventeenth century, known for its characteristic sculptural monumentality, opulence and contrast between light and shadow.


In 2019 the centenary of the creation of the Bauhaus was celebrated, but the German capital is already anticipating such an important event with exhibitions, conferences and tours that follow the vestiges of one of the most influential schools of modern architecture, despite his short life. The best starting point for the route is the Bauhaus Archive.

Columbus, Indiana

If you saw the movie of the same name, you would mark and underline it on your bucket list.

And you will have learned to stand in front of and inside each of the more than 70 buildings that make this provincial city the world capital of modern architecture.

You will go to each of the masterpieces by Eero Saarinen, Richard Meier or Pei that the protagonists go through while trying to find answers to their lives, because yes, architecture also solves vital crossroads.

New York

Any excuse is worth it, since there are cheaper tickets for the new low cost companies to MoMA PS1.

The most contemporary subsidiary of the Museum of Modern Art.

On the other side of the East River, in Queens, converting its space in a destination for architecture lovers with the presentation of the winning project of its prestigious competition Young Architects.

A project that reveals emerging talents to the world, or confirms some that are already known, and which this year has been won by architects Jennifer Newsom and Tom Carrtuthers, Dream The Combine, with their work Hide & Seek.


It had lost weight in favor of Marrakech, but 2022 may be the big year for Morocco’s cultural capital.

The year in which the restoration of its medina, the oldest in the country, begun in 1989, is completed.

More than 3,000 buildings from the 8th century will once again show off their finery and, in addition, Khizanat al-Qarawiyyin, one of the oldest libraries in the world, will be reopened.

Russia, Beyond Football

Either because you’re taking advantage of the World Cup to visit the great country, or because you’ve been listening to it so much these years, you’re encouraged to get to know it.

Russia is one of those destinations still quite unknown and unexplored by the common tourist or the tourist who is looking for design incentives and architecture.

Saint Petersburg is a rococo mecca, a fantasy of pastels, undulations and gold, which can be seen from its streets or canals.


The Slovak capital is one of the new hot spots in central Europe.

This 2022, moreover is a great moment to discover it because it proudly celebrates the 29th anniversary of the separation from its neighbor, the Czech Republic, and also the centenary of its birth as a joint country. That is, a mix of historical memory.

It is a good alternative to the already very crowded Prague or Budapest. With its castle as the main attraction and with more specialized interests such as discovering the country’s alternative architecture that developed between the 70s and 80s.


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