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Home » Verona: [2022] Where To Stay, Gastronomy And How To Get Around

Verona: [2022] Where To Stay, Gastronomy And How To Get Around

    Verona: [2022] Where To Stay, Gastronomy And How To Get Around

    Verona, located in Italy , is a unique city for its romantic atmosphere.


    It is not for nothing that it has been called by travelers as the city of lovers and has even been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Therefore, it proves to be the ideal destination for couples in love who are on a trip or are on their honeymoon.

    One of the highlights of the city is that it was the setting for the movie Romeo and Juliet and therefore its entire setting reflects the plot. So much so that several establishments such as hotels, restaurants, bistros and even tourist attractions were named after the work.

    In this article, we’ve brought you information about some of the city’s many attractions so that you can prepare your itinerary through Verona in Italy.

    After all, why go to Verona?

    If you are curious and passionate about ancient stories, Verona is your destination.

    That’s because the city offers the most different types of activities responsible for telling a little more about the history of humanity.

    There, you will find never-before-seen monuments and museums, as well as discover all the famous sights of this place.


    That’s why we’ve selected some of the places that everyone visits in Verona and that you shouldn’t miss out on.

    Piazza Bra in Verona in Italy

    One of the most famous attractions in Verona is Piazza Brà, one of the largest squares in the city.

    Like most Italian squares, it houses several tourist attractions that are very popular with visitors. Thus, in addition to being a mandatory stop for anyone visiting the city, it also serves as a reference for those who do not know the map of Verona very well.

    One of the main attractions of the square is the multitude of restaurants, cafes and bistros located in the region. Therefore, in addition to the beauties of the square, it is worth a visit for those looking to discover the delights of Verona in Italy.

    Verona Arena

    Verona Arena is located in Piazza Brà, but it is so spectacular that it deserves an exclusive topic.

    It is a magnificent amphitheater mounted on a very beautiful structure. It was the scene of the famous gladiator fights.

    Currently, those performing on this stage are theater, dance and music artists.

    It is certainly worth including a visit to the Arena in your Verona itinerary, especially if you manage to attend one of the shows presented there, so remember to check possible schedules.

    This is one of the liveliest tourist spots in the city center. Arena Verona is the best preserved Roman amphitheater in the world – even better than the Colosseum itself.

    Despite having been the place where the most diverse atrocities took place, today the place has become a museum of art exhibitions inside.

    So, if you like entertainment and cultural attractions, you should consider this destination as a priority on your list.

    Juliet’s Tomb

    Inside the convent of San Francesco al Corso are preserved a series of tombs of friars but the tomb that has the greatest demand is certainly the tomb of Juliet.

    The convent itself is located outside the city center. Juliet’s tomb is a beautiful sarcophagus carved in red marble. It is a tour that is very worthwhile, especially for lovers of the arts.

    Juliet’s house

    Who has never heard of the balcony where Juliet spent hours waiting for her next meeting with Romeo? Well, it is still very well preserved in one of the streets of Verona.

    In addition, you can still witness several details that refer to the Montecchio family with the so-called “Shakespearean pilgrims”, who are located almost everywhere in the city.


    Castelvecchio, Old Castle, took its name after the construction of San Pietro Castle, which was built many years later in Verona.

    Castelvecchio is a beautiful military construction, with exposed bricks, towers, it seems to have come straight out of the medieval world. It even has a moat used in ancient times to draw water from the Adige River. A millenary castle that was the scene of several very important historical moments from the medieval era to the second world war.

    The entire history of the castle is exposed in a magnificent museum located inside the castle. In it are quite important works from an entire millennium of Italian history. The collection has Medieval and Renaissance pieces, curious golden weapons as well as great Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque works.

    Among the most visited works are works by:

    • Pisanello (Madonna do Quail);
    • Vivarini;
    • Altichiero;
    • butter;
    • Stefano de Verona;
    • Tintoretto;
    • Bellini;
    • Crivelli.

    In addition, it is possible to appreciate works by young artists from the region.

    The museum is open every day, on Mondays from 1:30 pm to 7:30 pm and on other days from 8:30 am to 7:30 pm.

    Must-see attractions in the castle

    Inside the castle there are some must-see attractions. Among them are:

    • The sarcophagus of SS. Giovanni and Bacco, from 1179;
    • The statue of Cangrande. A beautiful work that features the representation of one of the castle’s builders;
    • The painting Madonna della Quaglia, by painter Pisanello;
    • The painting Pala della Vittoria, by Girolamo dai Libri;
    • The painting Fanciullo con disegno di un pupazzo, by Francesco Caroto.

    Torre dei Lamberti

    Verona: [2022] Where To Stay, Gastronomy And How To Get Around

    The most beautiful view of all of Verona in Italy is from the tower of Palazzo della Ragione.

    This building was for centuries the administration of the city and overlooks the two main squares of Verona: Piazza delle Erbe and Piazza dei Signori. The tower is about 84 meters high, it is one of the highest and most famous points in the city. There are about 368 steps to the top.

    Architecturally speaking the tower is divided into two parts, the lower and the upper. The lower one is 37 meters high and is all built with bricks and tuff. The upper portion is entirely built in bricks and was only built in the 15th century.

    If you want to see Verona from the top of the Torre dei Lamberti don’t worry, it’s not necessary to go up step by step. Currently, the tower has a comfortable elevator that takes tourists to the top.

    Basilica of Santa Anastasia in Verona, Italy

    The Basilica of S. Anastasia is the largest basilica in Verona. It was built between the 14th and 15th centuries as a way of honoring the Dominican San Pietro da Verona Martire. It is built on the ruins of the church of S. Anastasia and although it is a tribute to the Dominican, the basilica is still popularly called Basilica of S. Anastasia.

    The interior of the basilica displays an incredible Gothic style based on 12 columns of red marble, as well as beautiful works of art, a gold-plated organ and a sculpture of a hunchback holding the holy water font on his back.

    During the visit there are several points where you can read about the history of the city. In addition, a lot of information is printed in several languages, and for the happiness of Brazilians, Portuguese is one of them.

    Although Verona has several must-see attractions, it is possible to visit the entire city in just one day, as everything is located very close. If you are in Italy, be sure to visit Verona and also other cities like Rome . Finally, do not forget to take out travel insurance for Europe, because to travel to Verona in Italy, proof of contracting is mandatory.

    Best places to stay in Verona in 2022

    Just like any other tourist location, Verona also has perfect spaces to spend a season or just a few days.

    Air Sprint Logistics has separated two accommodation options for those who want to make the most of everything the city has to offer:

    Marconi Rooms and Apartments

    With simple Mediterranean-style apartments, Marconi Rooms and Apartments is one of the best choices when deciding where to spend your nights in the city.

    The small hotel is just a few blocks from the Castelvecchio Museum and Ponte Scaligero, two of Verona’s main tourist attractions.

    Relais Empire

    If you are looking for a more robust hosting with a more veronic aspect, the option is Relais Empire.

    With the perfect combination of price, comfort and convenience, the space offers a unique experience, especially for couples.

    This is because the characteristic of the environment is to provide a traditionally romantic accommodation.

    Its spacious rooms have air conditioning and even soundproofing. In addition, you can choose single, double or family versions.

    The delicious cuisine of Verona Italy

    It is impossible to talk about Verona and not mention how delicious and special its cuisine is.

    In Italy, it is tradition to eat good dishes, made with the best ingredients that we can find in the country and this would be no different in Italian tourist cities.

    The cuisine there is very rich and you can find the most different types of restaurants and spices that are able to please all types of public.

    We know that choosing a specific place to eat among so many others can become a difficult task, and because of that, we have two options for those who want to try the best menu in Verona.

    The Torcolo

    If you’ve always dreamed of dining in a classic Italian restaurant, like those seen in the movies, you can’t miss O Torcolo.

    You can enjoy dishes made with typical local foods, without having to worry about the hustle and bustle that occupies the city center.

    The risottos and wines are the main highlights of the house and always leave a taste of “I want more” in the visitors.

    Pietro Zanoni Winery

    When we talk about wine, we cannot fail to mention Venícola Pietro Zanoni. With its unique traditions and drinks, the place has become a major tourist spot for anyone visiting Verona.

    There you can find dozens of different types of wines, in addition to tasting them.

    If you are a wine lover and Italian history lover, don’t miss this beautiful space.

    How does transport in Verona work?

    Verona: [2022] Where To Stay, Gastronomy And How To Get Around

    In Verona the main means of transport is the city bus, which can be found on every street in the city.

    However, if you are looking for something that will take you to the most visited spots in the city, the option is the tourist bus.

    urban bus

    The urban bus in Italy is very similar to the one we have here in Brazil, but in this case the transport does not have turnstiles or collectors.

    Therefore, the control of passengers is carried out by inspectors who enter the car without a defined time or date.

    These professionals are responsible for checking that all the people who are circulating around the city have their documents, whether they are locals or tourists.

    In this type of locomotion, the passenger will be able to walk around the city according to the itinerary of each of the buses.

    This is even an option for those who want more freedom when visiting the points of Verona.

    Tourist Bus

    The tourist buses are transport used for those who want to know all the historical places of the city.

    For €20, the passenger will be able to walk through all the streets of the place, with the accompaniment of a guide who will explain all the sights that will be seen.

    This transport has two different routes, but its starting point is Praça da Arena.

    In addition, the bus even has an audio guide in more than ten different languages.

    In other words, if you don’t speak Italian, don’t worry, you’ll love the tour and stay on top of everything that happens during your visits.

    Is it worth visiting Verona?

    If you’ve always dreamed of visiting Italy in all its grandeur, remember to always comply with tourism regulations and laws and have valid documents and passports.

    Otherwise, you may experience problems inside and outside the airports.