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What Are The 10 Most Beautiful And Peaceful Towns In Europe

    The Uswitch platform published a ranking of the ten most beautiful European towns on social networks for their unique beauty. Which ones do you know?


    The British page dedicated to finance and trend control, Uswitch, released the best 10 towns around Europe to spend a few days off.

    The ranking was made based on the metrics that show that these ten idyllic landscapes are appreciated by a large number of tourists on social networks.

    Ten Most Beautiful And Peaceful Towns In Europe To Visit

    Thanks to the high results in searches, scores and image downloads of these places, Uswitch decided to develop this ranking to give more identity to the European cities that attract attention for their enormous beauty.

    1. Oia, Greece

    It is located on the shores of Santorini and has a direct view of the Aegean Sea. In the same way as other Greek towns, in Oia you can find a landscape full of white houses and small streets built with cobblestones. Approximately this landscape has 1,609,706 Instagram posts and 2,965 Pinterest pins.

    In addition, this small town has a great gastronomic offer of typical Greek dishes. The best time to visit this coastal town is in times of heat such as summer or spring since they can take advantage of it and get into the sea and enjoy its beaches.

    2. Göreme, Turkey

    It is one of the best-known tourist town in Turkey, characterized by its landscape full of rock formations known as “chimney of the Fairies”.


    This town is specifically located in Cappadocia, a town of 2000 inhabitants that was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1985.

    Many of the tourists who visit this place take the opportunity to fly in hot air balloons, and also to visit the markets of Cappadocia where you will find, foods, spices and other characteristic products of the country.

    3. Hallstatt, Austria

    According to Uswitch, this is the town that received the most number of pins on Pinterest (4887). It is a dream village located in the fantastic Austrian country.

    It is located on the side of a mountain and in turn, is on the shores of Lake “Hallstatt”.

    This place is ideal to visit both in winter and in summer since in both seasons you will enjoy a unique landscape either with snow or sunny.

    4. Vernazza, Italy

    It is a classic in the style of Mediterranean towns since it is located on the shores of the Ligurian Sea.

    If you visit this picturesque town, you cannot miss the classic Italian meals.

    Nor can you ignore its castles and churches that are more than 500 years old and some even have exceptional stories, a wide variety of local food restaurants, churches and castles.

    It is known for its aesthetic resemblance to “cinque terre”, another coastal town full of Italian culture and picturesque landscapes.

    According to statistics compiled by Uswitch, this town has over 491,902 posts on Instagram and 1,232 pins on Pinterest.

    5. Tobermory, Scotland

    It is located on the Isle of Mull and is considered the most beautiful port in Scotland.

    There you can find shops, restaurants and classic Scottish houses located along the white sands and crystal clear waters of its bay.

    This picturesque Scottish seaside village was posted on Instagram 241,926 and received 284 pins from Pinterest.

    6. Furnas, Azores Islands, Portugal

    It is on the island of San Miguel, in the Azores. Furnas is a unique town that is located in a volcanic crater and where tourists take the opportunity to relax in its hot springs, steam wells and beautiful scenery.

    Given these unusual characteristics, the town appears on social media 227,708 times.

    7. Folegandros, Greece

    Back in one of the countries most visited by tourists, we find here a town like Folegandros perched on a cliff in the Cyclades archipelago.

    It is reminiscent of a landscape not discovered by man due to its intact nature. Apparently, on social networks it has almost 200,000 posts.

    8. Wengen, Switzerland

    Situated at the foot of the Bernese Alps in Switzerland, this town offers spectacular views of the Lauterbrunnen Valley.

    Those who decide to go can do incredible trekking and hiking trails through unparalleled landscapes full of forests, lakes and wild flowers.

    9. Portree, Scotland

    It is a town that is within the Isle of Skye. It is full of fishermen and has a picturesque harbor surrounded by hills and hiking trails to roam to exhaustion.

    It is characterized by its tranquility and its Scottish essence. For Uswitch, this little town was published 119,875 times on social networks.

    10. Albarracín, Spain

    Typical of medieval Spanish times, this town is a gem that is surrounded by an imposing fortified perimeter.

    Given its geographic location, Albarracín is full of rocks and red sandstone cliffs.

    According to Uswitch, this town appears on Instagram and Pinterest 107,998 times.

    Other Beautiful And Peaceful Places to Visit in Europe

    There are also many other beautiful and peaceful places to visit in Europe.

    After researching the opinions of experienced travelers, we have compiled our personal experience as well as a list of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

    This is not a rating in the traditional sense, because each city is uniquely beautiful.

    Budapest, Hungary

    The city has earned the nickname “Paris of the East” for its beautiful nature and unique architecture.

    The Hungarian capital is safe, neat and different from other European cities.

    A local highlight of the nightlife are the unique ruined taverns.

    These taverns usually do not have doors, but there are tall tables where guests can drink a glass or two of intoxicants and go to another establishment.

    Many ruined pubs are even open for coffee and even lunch during the day.

    Budapest is also famous for its thermal baths, which you can find all over the city. You can swim there even in winter.

    Venice, Italy

    You can love or hate Venice, but neither denies its popularity. It is one of the most beautiful historical cities on the planet, as well as one of the most touristy places in the world.

    The buildings here are old, and you can walk away from the crowd, as if you came there five centuries ago. This is quite surreal.

    Unfortunately, Venetian canals are notorious for having a lot of waste, and their smell in the summer can ruin your holiday experience.

    However, in the colder months there are fewer tourists, less waste and no bad smell.

    So we can say that Venice is one of the most beautiful European cities, except for the summer months.

    Bruges, Belgium

    This small, green city in northern Belgium contrasts sharply with the noisy Brussels.

    The best way is to rent a bike and walk along the charming old houses and canals to see all its beauty.

    If the day is sunny and hot, you can easily take a boat tour of the canals or go to the Koeleweimolen and Sint-Janshuismolen mills.

    Bruges is one of the best places for beer lovers. Take a guided tour of the Half Moon Brewery for the perfect sparkling drink.